Winter 2020 Visual Trends: Guide to Photography

Winter offers many possibilities when it comes to photography. The diversity of landscapes and environments allows us to be creative and capture magical moments and places.

We’ve prepared this guide for Freepik’s contributor photographers. Within the guide, we walk you through the most important winter trends and themes on Freepik, so you can take amazing shots.

We base our recommendations on users’ preferences and what they are looking for at this time of year. We hope you find this useful!

1. Before you start
2. Winter scenes
3. Indoor spaces
4. Christmas photography
5. Aerial photography
6. Authenticity
7. Capture the color
8. New normal

1. Before you start

When taking pictures in winter, you need to be extremely careful with weather conditions. If you’re going to a mountain or snowed setting, make sure you carry the appropriate equipment. These are some of our tips:

👉🏽Tip 1: Wear warm clothes. Your main goal is to take pictures without freezing! Avoid cotton at all costs, and opt for layers. Choose suitable footwear and cover your hands and eyes (snow can damage them).

👉🏽Tip 2: Protect your equipment. We recommend that you use a camera protector to avoid damage from wind or snowflakes. There are several options on the market for protecting the camera, such as waterproof and windproof protectors.

👉🏽Tip 3: Avoid sudden temperature changes. The cold damages the batteries, affecting their usability. Always take extras with you, and carry them close to your body to keep them warm. Also, protect your camera to prevent unwanted condensation inside the gear when you get home.

2. Winter scenes

Winter landscapes

Color palette

Cool color palettes are a classic in winter. Think of the snow, the color of the sky, nature… they all contribute to creating a cold feeling—colors like blue or gray play a leading role in these landscapes.




Landscapes are a must in winter photography. Featured by white mountains, snowy forests, winter vegetation, snowy cities, and a huge etcetera.



There are many possibilities. You can opt for capturing nature, a snowy village, or a couple in the snow. You can use a foggy and gray day to give your photos a magical touch.



Use the light to create contrasts—for example, the white snow against a warm sunset.


Winter sports

Another thing you can do if you go outside is to capture the dynamism of winter sports. Whether it’s a sunny or cloudy day, capturing movements’ energy makes the composition much more interesting.


Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean your photos have to be colorless. In scenes where cool colors predominate, look for warm elements generated by light, or photograph elements with bright colors.


3. Indoor spaces

When temperatures are very low outside, we seek refuge in warmer environments, next to a fireplace, with blankets and hot beverages to keep us warm.

These indoor scenes are also part of the winter imagery.

Color palette

In this case, color palettes are warmer and usually consist of different brown, red, and yellows. These palettes convey a feeling of coziness and warmth.


Warm colors can also be combined with gray.



There are many ways to capture indoor spaces. Photographs should include elements that transmit that feeling of warmth and comfort.

What to include in your photos: a fireplace, warm clothes, hot beverages, desserts, books, family or couple scenes, candles, pine cones, fir branches, cinnamon sticks, etc.

You can include models in the photos or opt for still lifes. If you are not sure how to do it, think about what makes you feel comfortable at home, what it is for you to spend a winter afternoon enjoying your free time. The options are endless!

4. Christmas photography

For many of us, Christmas is related to winter. Plus, if you upload your Christmas photos before November 13, you can participate in our Christmas campaign and earn extra money.

Color palette

Red is a basic color that can’t be missing from your Xmas photos. You can combine it with other Christmassy colors such as green, gold, or earth tones.




Gold and silver are also festive colors and can be the center of your composition (e.g., lights, Christmas decorations, glitter, etc.)

However, you can always step out of the more traditional colors and create scenes with brighter colors or even neutrals.

blue xmas photo


Most of the Christmas scenes take place inside our homes, but we can also find Christmas scenes outside.

What to include in your photos:

  • Include traditional Christmas elements: tree, Santa Claus, gifts, decorative elements, Christmas hats, sweaters, reindeer, your pet, family photos, etc.

xmas photo

  • You can also make compositions with Christmas desserts and cookies.

top view chrismas cookies

  • For New Year’s settings, choose a more party-like atmosphere, brighter colors, glitter, champagne, balloons, etc.

new year decorations

5.Aerial photography

Another trend is aerial photography. These photos, taken with a drone, are great because they get to capture unique perspectives with fantastic potential.

Photographing a landscape with a drone requires practice (and permissions), but the results offer a totally different approach.

aerial shot of a city


There is a growing preference for real, almost unedited photos that simulate amateur shots. This type of photography leaves aside highly polished post-post-editing processes and planned poses.

Perhaps, this search for authenticity is due to people’s obsession to show a perfect life on social media.

At the end of the day, you just need a good eye and experience to take good photos.

authentic photography

authentic photography

7.Capture the color

Beyond traditional winter scenes, there is room for colors. According to the “2020 Color Trends” report, there are three popular shades this year that can dominate your photoshoots: Lush Lava, a bold orange-red; Aqua Menthe, a mixture of cyan and mint; and Phantom Blue, a dark navy blue.

Lush Lava

Aqua Menthe

Phantom Blue

8.New normal

Many things have changed, and now we have to rely on technology more than ever. Capture scenes that reflect the current situation and the new normality.

What to include in your photos: social distancing, hygiene, people with masks, remote work, online meetings, video calls with family at Christmas, etc.

woman with mask

videocalling family on Christmas

If you are planning to upload winter resources, the time is now. Create quality content and upload it in advance following our tips. If you want to increase your earnings and get a bonus, participate in our Christmas campaign. You have until November 13 to upload your resources! To know more about winter trends on Freepik and Flaticon, check out this related post:

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