Trendy Keywords for May and June

Have you already used our new most searched terms tool? Have you? Tell us how it feels to have the creative process made so easy and to be able to go straight to creating what you know for sure will generate more downloads. We know, there’s no need to answer. But if you still haven’t looked into it, don’t worry, because today we’re bringing you some of the most interesting words on this list, with which you can get ahead of what users are going to ask for and create content with guaranteed success.

For newcomers, remember that this is a list of words that users demand, but for which they can’t find enough content. So, if you are the one creating it, yours will be the content that’s downloaded. But it’s very important to play plenty of time in advance, that’s why these words are updated as content is covered. The ones we’re sharing today are the latest, so you can start creating now with a view that soon that word will disappear from the list thanks to you. So, get inspired by the suggested tags for the months of May and June!


International Day of Happiness

Could there be anything more fun and subjective than taking pictures about happiness? Well, take advantage of it because it’s one of our most in demand terms! The recommendation we have for you in this case couldn’t be simpler: show us what happiness is for you. Because remember that it is much more than people smiling. Meeting up with people we are close to, a specific activity, peace and quiet… for each of us it means something completely different. So, think about what it means to you and reflect it in your photographs.

Remember to take a look at our website to see what has been done so far and fill in those gaps we may still need.

Tags to use:

#International day of happiness, #Happiness day, #World Happiness day


Another word as ambiguous as it is filled with possibilities to create with freedom. And it fits everything. You can imagine everything from people pulling the strangest faces to a hairstyle that has not turned out as well as it should. Remember that the main element of the image and the one that stands out should be whatever it is that we consider “ugly”. This doesn’t mean that it should be the only element, but it should take center stage. We can’t wait to see what you surprise us with!

Here are some of the pictures we already have.

Tags to use: #ugly girl, #ugly man, #ugly face, #ugly feet, #ugly fat girl, #ugly woman, #ugly rat, #ugly pictures, #ugly toes, #ugly people pictures, #ugly kids, #ugly pics, #ugly horse, #ugly teeth, #ugly fat kid


Maio Laranja

What is this expression that isn’t even in our language? Well, it is no more and no less than an initiative to raise awareness about child abuse in Brazil. May 18 is Children’s Day, and one of the biggest problems to be solved in terms of children is this type of behavior, which this day aims to highlight.

But what a surprise our users get when they discover that we have no resources for this important day. So, In addition to getting certain downloads, it’s a great opportunity to help with this wonderful initiative.

Tags: #maio laranja, #maiolaranja


As you’ll see, we are far from giving you exact colors, sizes and shapes of what you have to do. That’s the great thing about this tool, that the keywords cover so much that almost anything goes. And this is another example.

Silhouettes of people, animals, things, with background, with flat colors, geometric? That’s up to you and what you feel best or what inspires you the most. You can try to create them from photographs that inspire you and with colors that contrast the figure for example.

Take a look what we already have here

Tags: #tree silhouette, #girl silhouette, #woman silhouette, #cat silhouette, #deer silhouette, #bird silhouette, #butterfly silhouette, #palm tree silhouette, #dog silhouette, #horse silhouette, #dancer silhouette, #person silhouette, #flower silhouette, #mountain silhouette, #pine tree silhouette


Wall Sign

Phrases, signage, logos…you might need to stick just about anything on a wall. And rather than messing with complicated retouching tools, the easiest thing to do is to take a mockup, integrate your design, and tah-dah. And that’s just what people are asking for. So, now you know, choose a wall that can be well differentiated from the element to highlight, create your mockup, upload it, and increase those downloads!

Tags: #wall sign mockup, #sign board mockup, #wall signage mockup, #minimalistic wall sign, #wall mounted signage, #outdoor signage


Whatever movie it is, with a good mockup you get it back on the big screen in style. The thing is that there aren’t very many, and this is something that users are demanding a lot. So, as we have already said many times today (and we hope it’s getting through), take advantage of the opportunity and create the best movie theater in your own way so we can get there in a click.

Look what we already have

Tags: #cinema mockup, #screen cinema mockup, #cinema theater mockup

Wow! Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, but how simple and what a lot of steps you’re saving! Thanks for everything most searched terms. Now all that’s left is to choose what inspires you the most and create the most searched-for content in your own style. We can’t wait to see it!