The importance of adding the “Created with AI” keyword

Thanks to AI, creating content has never been easier and quicker. However, it is crucial to spend some time getting to know the basics of adding the AI keyword to position your AI content. By doing so, you will make sure your designs are accepted and increase their visibility within Freepik.

Let’s go through some of the most relevant points.

How should I add the AI keyword?

Once you’ve uploaded or dragged your content into our Upload section, you’ll find the Created with artificial intelligence button at the left menu, alongside a text box where you can enter your prompt and a drop-down menu where you can choose the model you’ve used. You must specify the software you created your image with since a similar prompt can result in different images depending on your model. If the model you’re using does not appear in our list, you don’t need to mention either the model or the prompt.

AI keyword - example

You can always use the Multiselection feature to quickly mark all your content. If you don’t know how to use it, check out this article.

You can also update and tag any previously uploaded file that isn’t tagged as an AI creation. Simply go to the Published section and follow the steps above.

What if I use a CSV file to upload my designs?

If you choose to upload a CSV file, you’ll have to add the keyword _ai_generated manually in your spreadsheet. Same thing for the prompt and the model. If you have any doubts about how to upload your CSV files, check our FAQs.

Should I add “Created with AI” to the title?

No, it isn’t necessary. Our search engine can filter results created with AI thanks to the tag we’ve mentioned before, so you just have to correctly mark your AI creations. However, you can always add it to your title if you want to.

What are the quality standards for AI-generated images?

Just like you, at Freepik we’re in love with AI tools’ creative potential, capable of creating infinite stunning visuals we could only dream of. However, there are some standards you should follow to make sure we show our users only the best content.

Pay special attention to body malformations or glitches—unfortunately, most models still make noticeable mistakes when generating body parts such as hands, feet, teeth, or eyes. And we don’t want a mistake like that to ruin a potential download.

AI Keyword - Body

AI can generate an infinite amount of variations of the same image from one prompt. These changes are, most of the time, almost unnoticeable and don’t make any difference. Therefore, you should avoid uploading too many versions of the same image, a small sample will be more than enough.

Can I use Freepik’s AI tools to create and upload my designs?

Of course! We’ve been polishing our own Text-to-image, Sketch-to-image and Reimagine tools to help you create mind-blowing visuals that will surely generate downloads for your content. If you still haven’t tried them, we encourage you to experiment with any of them. We’re eager to see what you come up with!





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