Start adding model release forms to your published files

A year ago, we launched the Model/Property Release feature, a document that simplified all legal issues regarding models, photographers, and distributors. This document gave you and your models control and security, and the Authorizations section in your Contributor’s dashboard allowed you to have all the files in one place.

However, the Model/Property Release was only enabled for newly published files, until now.

Find your files, add the Model/Property Release

Model Release - 1

We know that revisiting your published files might be easier said than done, so we’ve simplified this task for you.

Filter by file type and date to easily find your images containing models or private property. Once you’ve spotted them, simply attach a new model release or use an existing one.

To make it even simpler, we recommend you use one of our models, which you can find at the end of this article.

When should I use a model release?

Model Release - 2

The aim of model releases is to provide legal protections to photographers and customers who license a specific image. When signed, it means your model has given permission to use said photo for commercial purposes.

If your image contains identifiable people or private properties, you should always include a model release. Here are more detailed examples of images that fall into this category.

Who must sign the Model/Property Release?

Both models over 18 years old and minors must sign the authorization. In the latter case, it must also be signed by their parents or legal guardians.

If you’ve worked with privately owned buildings, the legal owners must add their signatures.

In case you have any further doubts, you can check more detailed info here.

Here are our pre-existing model release forms

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