What we’re looking forward to in May

Now that we’ve finally caught up with 2024’s rhythm, with exciting search and visual trends—you can check them here if you haven’t— it’s time to start preparing our content for May.

These are the main events we’re looking forward to

Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican pride

Bring out the Mexican within you and join this celebration, which is famous not only in Mexico but also in the USA. Create colorful designs with Mexican tones, their famous sombreros, and joyful skulls. And don’t forget to add their delicious tacos to your content menu!

Mother’s Day – May 12th

The most important person in our lives deserves a celebration to match. Yes, we’re talking about our mothers who gave us the gift of life. Celebrate this day by creating content that showcases mothers with their sons and daughters, flowers, and hearts.

Vesak – May 24th

Vesak Day is the most important celebration in Buddhist countries

Buddhism’s most important celebration, Vesak, commemorates the day when Buda reached enlightenment and passed away at 80. Turn him into the main protagonist of your designs, along with Buddhist elements such as lotus flowers.

Memorial Day – 27th

Memorial Day remembers fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defend their nations. Despite more and more countries joining this celebration, the American flag takes the spotlight during this event. You can also include red poppies to symbolize soldier’s courage or their solemn tombstones.

As you can see, May is filled with opportunities for your content. Let’s get to it!

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