Learn to Design a Minimal Landing Page With Gradients

Landing pages have become very popular among businesses that want to promote their products or services, which means that lots of users come to Freepik to seek landing page designs for their projects.

In today’s tutorial, our contributor Miriam Pérez (vectorcat), teaches us how to create a minimal landing page with gradients. Stay to see the result! We promise it’s worth it.

Before starting, take into account that landing pages are the first thing that users see when they access a site. For this reason, your design must be appealing enough so that Freepik’s users think your creation fits in their project and want to download it. Therefore, usability is key when designing a landing page.

Want to discover more? Let’s get started!

1. How to Design a Gradient Landing Page
Video tutorial

  1. Open a new project in Illustrator. Then, create a rectangle resembling a screen’s dimensions but a bit smaller than the artboard.
  2. Then, add all the buttons, the menu, and some text to make your design look like a real landing page.
    • At this point, you need to take into account usability and visual hierarchy. Elements, such as buttons, headings, subheadings, etc., must be hierarchically organized to create an intuitive design for users.
    • Don’t forget to add elements such as the menu, which I’ve placed a the top, the logo, some buttons, and text with lorem ipsum so users can fill it with their information.
    • The title is also important. Try to use a title as creative as possible. It’ll catch the user’s attention, and they can use it as inspiration.
  3. Let’s get down to the real business: the design. This time, we’ll be creating a minimal landing page with gradients. It’ll give our design a modern and original look.
    • The color palette I’ve used is a duotone gradient.
    • Make sure you place cool and dark colors in areas with more text. Light and warm colors make it difficult to read.
    • Choose colors that create contrast but avoid using complementary hues. The following are good examples of contrasting colors:

      Complementary shades in gradients generate a brownish tone that isn’t aesthetically appealing. Have a look at the following examples:

  4. After filling the rectangle with the gradient, we’ll add some decorations to the landing page. Remember, we want it to be minimal, so we’ll add just a few geometric shapes.
    • First, insert lines and place them diagonally, as it makes the design look more dynamic.
    • Apply the same gradient to the lines. You’ll need to modify the gradient’s direction, so the lines blend with the background in those areas with text.
  5. Choose another geometric shape to complete the design. Although it’s a minimal design, it doesn’t mean the composition must be too simple. The key is to create a clean design. This time, I’ve inserted circles with a gradient.
  6. You may need to modify the colors and move the shapes around until you are happy with the result.
  7. When you’re ready, let’s apply the same gradient to the background. This time, invert the direction to create a contrast between the background and the landing page.

This is the result:

landing page gradient design

The good thing about landing page designs is that you can also create a landing page for mobile phones using the same elements. It’s quite simple, you just have to reuse the logo, the background, and some shapes…and there it goes! Bear in mind that, in order to design a landing page for phones, you need to omit some elements and keep only those which are important, like the logo and some buttons:

landing page mobile


2. How to Use Gradients

Gradients are quite versatile. They can be used in different resources. In this tutorial, we’ve worked with a minimal and abstract landing page design, however, you can use gradients with many kinds of elements and resources. Let’s see some examples for inspiration:

landing page design gradient

landing page design gradient

landing page design gradient

landing page design gradient

lading page design gradient

Are you ready to create landing pages? We can’t wait to see what you can do. If you aren’t a contributor yet and are willing to land in our universe, click on the following button!

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