Excellent color tools that any graphic designer or artist will love

Color is a crucial part of any creative artist’s work, but it’s even more evident in the field of graphic design, due to its multiple applications. The right or wrong color choice can have a huge impact on your work: even if you have created a very complex design (requiring many hours of work to achieve a well-crafted result), you still have to pay attention to the color palette for it to really pop out and look balanced. This can be, for some people, the hardest part of all! Thankfully, there are many color tools to help you make the best color choices.

The choice in color can be subjective depending on the person’s tastes and personal preferences, but there are some tools that can help you pick the best choice or have a look at different options in case you can’t decide on a particular palette.

Sometimes, you can have a look at color palettes just for inspiration. This would be the first step before getting to actually work, but it can help you have a cohesive direction from the start! There are many websites and apps which you can use to help you find a color selection that you like.

For example, Kuler by Adobe is a very useful tool that allows you to explore color collections or create your own, and it’s integrated with their software, which can be an advantage for working with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Another cool is ColourLovers, a community where you can share color inspiration with others, browse palettes and create your own.

Also, a very fun color tool is called Colordot. Colordot opens in your browser and allows you to move your mouse around in the search of a nice shade of color, which you only have to click in order to save and obtain its hex code. Isn’t that neat? This way, you can browse for new colors and pick the ones that grab your attention the most.

As a designer, you will probably already heard about color theory once or twice (or maybe even more) before, but thankfully there are many color tools that visually represent the color wheel and the different combinations between complementary colors, triads, and many more, so that you can choose the best colors for your creative projects easily.

Color Scheme Designer is one of these tools, with an intuitive and complete interface with many settings, depending on the level of complexity that you are looking for. It even has a colorblind mode, for colorblind designers that need a little assistance with color, and the fun random button, which will allow you to discover palettes that you would have never thought about!

You can apply these fun and helpful color tools to enhance your creative process, and of course you can always expand your knowledge with the many tutorials and courses on creative disciplines that you’ll be able to find on our blog: you can learn more about photography, illustration, typography, animation and flat vector design, amongst many others.

Get learning today, and most importantly, have fun in the process! 🙂