Worldwide Events That Bring Creative People Together

Freepik Company presents you Freepik Space and Freepik Orbit, two events born to connect creative people and bring our contributors closer to the company. 

Our contributors’ community is becoming bigger, and we want all of you to feel part of this expansion. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make it possible. Freepik Space and Freepik Orbit are two independent events aimed at meeting our contributors around the world and creating great things together. So, board your spaceship and get ready to discover what our universe has to offer you! 

Freepik Space

Freepik Space is an event 100% organized by Freepik Company. It was born to meet our contributors personally and bring them closer to the company. It’s an official gathering that is going to take place every year in a different part of the world. It’s an exclusive opportunity for contributors to get to know first hand the latest news, recommendations and best bits of advice to succeed in Freepik.

Members of Freepik staff and other contributors will be hosting the event. We plan to celebrate an all-day meeting with sessions of great interest for contributing artists that work with photos, PSD files, and vectors, along with other valuable issues addressed to Flaticon’s icon designers.

Freepik Space is about creating together, meeting other experts and broadening your knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their expertise and acquire techniques and tools to streamline their portfolio and grow as professionals.

Strengthening your skills as a designer or photographer translates into more downloads and greater profits! Freepik Space is the perfect atmosphere to discover our universe and build a strong Freepik’s community internationally.

Freepik Orbit

This event arrives to offer our contributors the opportunity to organize and host a meetup for the Freepik community at a local level. Freepik Orbit isn’t an official event, but a gathering launched and held by one of our contributors.

The event can take place around the world and focuses on local contributor communities. Hosts have the chance to share their expertise and knowledge with their colleagues. At the same time, attendees have the opportunity to learn new stuff, get to know other artists and build a robust network.

It’s also the gateway to get to know the best practices of our company and build a successful career in Freepik. The meetup welcomes contributors and all those interested in design or photography that want to make some extra money. Professionals from different fields are also invited to participate and exchange knowledge in various areas of expertise.

So, if you’re a Freepik’s contributor or ambassador and would like to host a Freepik Orbit in your community, don’t miss this opportunity to create a strong network of designers and photographers! In fact, Baku is hosting the following Freepik Orbit next Sunday, 26 May. If you’re interested, you can check all the info here.

Now you’ll probably wonder: when do we plan the first Freepik Space event? It will happen very soon. Actually, this summer our team will host it in Thailand! For the moment, we just can give you a few hints. We’ll let you know all the info through our social media and newsletter sooner than you think. Stay tuned!


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