Why Uploading Content Frequently Is Important for Contributors

When was the last time you uploaded content to Freepik? If it’s was a long time ago, then you should know that uploading content frequently is important for Freepik contributors and the visibility of your content. 

We receive new resources every day, which means that old content loses visibility against fresh resources. It doesn’t mean your content is forgotten, but active contributors are more likely to get more downloads.

How can you become an active contributor? By active, we refer to contributors who upload content on a regular basis. So you can enhance your portfolio by submitting content frequently. It’s like you were saying: “Hey, I’m here, and here is my content”.

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But why being constant is so important?

One of the reasons why you should be consistent with your submissions is that users can filter their search by recent content. So, if you upload content regularly, your creations are likely to be displayed as new content when users mark this filter.

Being constant requires preparing a submission plan or, at least, thinking ahead to future uploads. Thus, you’ll be able to upload content related to events and festivities in advance, which will maximize your profitability. Have a look at some quick tips on the importance of uploading seasonal content beforehand.

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Besides, by submitting content regularly, you’ll create a stronger portfolio. Let’s say you have to choose between a portfolio with just a few resources against another with numerous and diverse content. Which one would you pick? Consistent portfolios with quality content are always the winning choice. So try to offer that to users.

To put it simply, these are the advantages of uploading content frequently:

  • You’ll gain more visibility 
  • Your content will get more downloads
  • You’ll get extra money

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At the end of the day, succeeding at Freepik is about building a rich portfolio with diverse and quality content. If you want to know the advantages of uploading quality content, have a look at our post Upload Christmas Content and Gain Visibility on Freepik

We hope you found it useful. Now that you know that uploading content frequently is important, you can start planning your following submissions and get ready to boost your downloads!

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