Summer Essentials: Nature-Inspired Colors

Summer is almost here (well, at least for some of us). In Freepik we anticipated to summer and we already have lots of really cool and fresh resources on our site. As you know, when it comes to seasonal designs, we recommend our contributors to submit their content months in advance so that users can reach and download them.

In this post, we share with you a collection of summer resources that best represent the summer mood and have proved to be quite popular among users. Bright and vivid colors play the leading role in most of them.

In fact, colors are crucial when designing. Depending on your mood and on the season, your designs will look different. Let’s see it with an example:

Which one of the following illustrations would you use for your summer announcements?


We’re pretty sure you selected the second image, right?  Well, what happened here is that we tend to associate warm and bright colors to summer, and cold ones to winter. And, consequently, this association also affects designs.

background beach summer contributors

hello summer vector contributor

vector hello summer

As you can see, most designs use bright and vivid colors. Tonalities like orange, yellow, blue, pink, green or red are the preferred ones to give summer vibes to your resources. These colors evoke energy, optimism, and happiness, and make us feel like we’re on vacation (although we have a lot of work to do).

summer sale template contributor

vector people summer beach

flyer party summer

Psst…know what? There’s actually something that can help you with the color choice. Have you ever heard about Pantone?

Pantone is the site of reference for standardized colors. Every year, Pantone announces the Fashion Color Trend Report where they present the most trendy colors in a particular season. Below are some of the favorite colors for the Spring/Summer season 2019:

Apart from these, this year’s winner is PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral! It’s really nice and great for giving your resources an energizing push. In fact, on Freepik there are lots of resources using coral tones. 

summer sale banner

hello summer backgound

people enjoying summer

But, have you ever wondered why these bright and vivid colors are traditionally associated with summer? One of the main reasons why we think of summertime when we see these tones is the sun. When the sun shines and there aren’t clouds in the sky, everything around us gets brighter and lively. Such as your designs.

This means that we use nature as inspiration when designing, and not only in summer. In Autumn, for example, orange is the king of colors. So, next time you design, have a look at the colors around you and pay attention to the latest trends to take your resources to the next level!  

But remember: you have to plan ahead your designs and submit them on time so that users can download them. If you haven’t started working on your next submission, now it’s the perfect time to start creating! In your contributor panel, you’ll find some guidance on the upcoming trends and holidays.

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