Shiny icons for shiny people

There are endless possibilities when it comes to icons. And when we say endless, we literally mean that the options have no end.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, new trends arrive and, with them, new ways to communicate and design. And icons, of course, could not be less.

Not too long ago we talked about 3D drawings here, a trend that we love and that transmits joy, energy and freshness. And that is why today we introduce you one of our favorite trends in icons: glitter.

But there are many ways to add glitter to icons, and this time we refer to one that also comes close to the world of drawings. A universe of cheerful colors, light reflections and details. What can we use this trend for? For whatever we want, of course.

Here there are our favourites.

Events and parties

Think of a party. Is it full of shiny objects and glitter? Streamers, balloons, drinks or lights to name a few of the elements.

But if we think of Christmas, for example, we also think of tree decorations, snow or sleighs, if we imagine a birthday, it could be the candles on the cake, or the ribbons that wrap each gift, and of course weddings! those are full of glitter everywhere. Check out some of our favorite examples:



Artificial inteligence

As we have already mentioned, this trend also serves to communicate in a more friendly and cheerful way. That’s why we love it used in such a “cold” topic.

It is undoubtedly a great way to humanize this trend that is here to stay, and using it in our designs on the subject can break with that sober communication that we usually find.


There’s not much more to explain here, because there is room for everything in fantasy! But the more striking the better! And there is nothing better than giving it that final touch with these glitters we are talking about. From the drawings we mentioned at the beginning, as fairy tale characters, magical elements or distant worlds.

Nature and places

The brightness of nature is unique, but we can get as close as possible thanks to this trend. Understanding how light reflects on the different elements of a landscape or recognizable places where we usually travel on vacation can be a fun exercise.

Let’s try this!