Cartoons are back! Meet the 3D

Trends are cyclical. That is something we are proving year after year, and even more so in the last decade. What does that tell us about? Indeed, nostalgia.

Nostalgia of our adolescence, of the first times we dressed in our own style, of the first analog cameras and the 2000’s songs.

But in all this there is also room for our childhood, although no one said that cartoons were ment for children. That’s why now we bring them back in their most childish version: the 3D.

A little bit of history

Cartoons were invented by J. Stuart Blackton in 1906, but it wasn’t until 1928 that the first animated film we all remember appeared. Does the scene of Mickey Mouse whistling on the boat ring a bell? Indeed, Steamboat Willie was released.

In 1972, Pixar laid the foundation stone for the launch of 3D cartoons. We all know what happened next, until the release of Toy Story in 1995, the first fully 3D film.

Today, as we have mentioned, cartoons go far beyond entertainment for children, and it is the perfect way to communicate in a close, pleasant and touching way to those who see it.

In addition, they are perfect to unite trends around them. Drawings with bubble shapes, neon colors, or an infinity of colors. Everything fits in this fashion as authentic as fun.

Some inspiration

  • Have fun: Remember, there are no limits! You can create the characters you want without barriers. It’s always good to look for references, and when you are clear about what style you like, or what has surprised you in the process, it’s time to create.
  • Create your characteristic character: What if you try to design the protagonist of all your stories and create all kinds of designs with him? One that identifies you and that you feel comfortable with. Design him first in a basic pose, and start to give him movement from there… you’ll see how fond you’ll get him, he’ll be like your pet.

  • Everything can be a drawing: Don’t know where to start? Very easy, anywhere! Look around, what do you see? A fork, a door, an apple, a hat…everything can become a drawing.
  • Start with the story: Create backgrounds on which your characters can interact as if it were a comic book. Their homes, jobs, schools…and then create different scenes with them.

  • The future: It scares us all a little, but there is no nicer way to tell it and bring it closer than with drawings. Try to create the most futuristic characters and tell how you think the future will be.

This is one of our favorite trends without a doubt, and it never hurts to reconnect with the little boy or girl inside us. What about yours?

Upload this trend or the one you like the most to the Freepik contributor dashboard, let your creativity fly and upload it for everyone to enjoy.