Enjoy the Perks of Creating Mockups and Earn an Extra Bonus

Over the last years, mockups have experienced a huge demand and have awakened interest among users, mainly because of their numerous advantages. 

Mockups help users bring their designs to life and present their work in a polished and clean way. Plus, they don’t have to create them. Platforms like Freepik offer a wide range of quality mockups that can be downloaded and customized to fit any project, meaning it’ll save them money and time. 

More users looking for mockups means a bigger public for your designs. That’s why, at Freepik, we want you to make the most of your mockup designs and benefit from uploading them to our site. 

We’ve recently launched a campaign focused on contributors working with mockups. Below we tell you why you can benefit from working with mockups and how you can make money from it!

The advantages of mockups

Mockups seem to suit both users and designers. The fact that they’ve become one of the most popular resources is related to the advantages they present:

  • They are affordable
  • Mockup designs help to submit a final product in a realistic way
  • Users can customize mockups easily to fit their project
  • Designers can download quality mockups to offer a convincing result to the client
  • Mockups facilitate users’ work

mockup campaign

They have a lot of perks for users but also for designers, especially in terms of popularity. Basically it’s a win-win.

Only last week,  mockups got more than 80k searches on Freepik, becoming the second most searched term on our platform. 

Numbers are good, right? All this means more downloads and higher earnings for contributors!

The universe of product mockup

Mockups are most known in the area of UX and UI designs, which is where they gained popularity. However, they have also become a useful tool for designers and marketers. That’s where product mockups come on the scene.

mockup campaign

Product mockups allow users to show a product in a real-life context, whether they want feedback or present their work to a client. Logos, merchandising, billboards, and a huge etcetera. There are thousands of possibilities available to users.  

And this translates into a lot of possibilities for contributors to succeed with mockup design. 

mockup campaign

mockup campaign

Your chance to earn money with mockups

Freepik has just launched a campaign focused on contributors working with mockups. The campaign’s primary goal is that contributors get the chance to increase their benefits by uploading mockups to our site. 

How does the campaign work?:

  • Upload your best mockups from now until 10th July.
  • Use the tags “mockup” and/or “scene creator” in all the resources you upload.
  • Receive an extra bonus! (depending on the number of resources you upload):

mockup campaign

Discover more about the campaign here.

We can’t think of a better way to make money at the same time you have the opportunity to boost your downloads! And remember: you have until 10th July to upload your content.

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