Spring and Autumn Content Ideas to Boost your Downloads

Get ready for the upcoming season with these content ideas for spring and autumn, or fall, resources.

While in the northern hemisphere people will be welcoming autumn (or fall) very soon, the southern hemisphere will say hello to the spring in September.

At Freepik, we’re happy to share with you some content inspiration to prepare your resources for the next season.

Whether it’s autumn or spring, this year nature takes center stage. We see that most graphic resources are nature-inspired and there’s a preference for natural spaces and elements. Have a look at the list below to choose the resource that you work with and see our content suggestions:

1. Some quick tips

✔️ Remember to upload your content in advance! Make sure you submit your resources during August and September. This way, your content will be ready for users to download.

✔️ Ensure your resources are useful, unique, and top-quality.

✔️ When adding the metadata to your resources, make sure they are relevant and relate to the resource.

✔️Have a look at our Reasons for rejection site to know what our team looks for when reviewing your content!

2. Spring inspiration

  • Content ideas

Some of the most searched resources at Freepik are spring backgrounds, card templates, frames, and wedding invitations.

  • Common elements

Flowers are the superstar in spring designs and images in general. Also, plants and butterflies give the perfect spring touch.

  • Color palette & styles

When it comes to spring colors, they range from subtle and cute to bright and bold. If you’re looking for a fancier look, add gold touches. Regarding styles, watercolor and textures seem to be the favorite for spring designs.

spring content ideas: pink peaches background
Image by burbura
spring content ideas: wedding invitation
spring content ideas: wedding invitation
spring content ideas for vectors: card template

  • Content ideas

There’s nothing more alive than nature during springtime. Capture life through photos of nature, animals, and plants. Take beautiful photos of cherry blossoms full of pink and sweet scents. Besides, pictures of parks are a good choice for spring content.

  • Common elements

Landscapes, top views, and close-ups of animals and plants are always a good fit. Make sure your photos represent nature’s diversity and beauty (trees, forests, parks, valleys, mountains, gardens, rivers, etc.).

  • Color palette

Nature in springtime is a truly colorful firework display. Play around with colors and capture images that stand out.

spring photos ideas: colorful flowers
Image by mariasurtu
spring photos ideas: nature inspired photo with bee and flower
Image by wirestock
spring photos ideas: park in spring
Image by evening_tao
spring photos ideas: cherry blossom tree with river
Image by hit1912

PSD files
  • Content ideas

When it comes to PSD files, go for mockups of restaurant menus, frames, notebooks, or any other spring-related concept. Also, templates are a winning choice (banners, Instagram posts, landing pages…there are many options!). Here we tell you the difference between mockups and templates.

  • Common elements

Fill your mockups and PSD templates with spring vibes by adding flower-related details or using vivid colors to represent the blooming season.

  • Color palette

With your PSD concept in mind, choose a color palette to create the perfect PSD design. You can opt for a subtle color palette if you’re designing a fancy menu mockup, or work with a bold and bright palette to recreate a vibrant retro look.

spring psd ideas: menu mockup
spring psd ideas: poster template

3. Autumn (Fall) inspiration

  • Content ideas

In most downloaded autumn resources, backgrounds take the lead. They are used to welcome the upcoming changes of nature or to promote special offers for seasonal discounts. Other resources, such as frames and patterns, are also popular among users.

  • Common elements

Make sure to include nature-related elements: leaves, pine cones, rain, and wind or typical food such as mushrooms, nuts or cakes.

  • Color palette & styles

Autumn colors are inspired by nature itself. In fact, the variety of colors is wider than in other seasons: yellow, orange, brown, and even purple. Neutrals also take the lead this upcoming season, creating fancy and elegant compositions. Give it a try to soft lines and watercolor technique to add textures to your design.

autumn vector ideas: cute background with leaves book and glasses
autumn vectors ideas: background with leaves and neutral colors
Image by rawpixel.com
autumn vectors ideas: wedding invitation
Image by orchidart
autumn vectors ideas: vintage handdrawn autumn pattern
Image by jallom

  • Content ideas

Take pictures that capture the beauty of fall colors in nature, like the color ranges of the forest, or the carpets of crispt leaves. The contrast between the waterfalls and the fall colors is great to recreate an enchanting and magical atmosphere.

  • Common elements

The fall season is all about color-changing leaves and natural landscapes. You can also capture warm indoor spaces, where blankets, coffees, and a comfy ambiance take the lead.

  • Color palette

Autumn leaf color is a natural phenomenon that shows the change of color in leaves when the fall arrives. Use this phenomenon to take beautiful images full of orange, yellow, and brown tones.

autumn photos ideas: magical forest
Image by PhotoTeo
autumn photos ideas: tree and blue river
Image by tawatchai07
autumn photos ideas: korean waterfall in forest
Image by waynechong45
autumn photos ideas: autumn leaves changing colors
Image by nataliiakozynska
PSD files
  • Content ideas

Help celebrate the fall season with flyers, whether it’s for a festival or a sale, or take your twist on fall resources and create unique 3D designs.

  • Common elements

You can use leaves (they are everywhere!), mugs, or elements from traditional Autumn celebrations, like the Mid Autumn Moon festival.

  • Color palette

Go for warm greens, golden yellows, orangey reds, and lots of browns.

autumn psd ideas: template autumn discount poster
autumn psd ideas: flyer best deals
autumn psd ideas: mid autumn moon 3d rendering
Image by samlakodad

We really hope that you liked these tips and you find them useful. Take them into account for your next submissions and don’t forget to upload autumn & spring resources before September is over!

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