Winter events: Chinese New Year

The world is full of impressive traditions that we cannot resist loving, sometimes even incorporating them into our own cultures. New year traditions are great examples. This is the case of the Chinese New Year, a tradition as important as it is striking, and one that more and more people know and celebrate.

It takes place with the second annual full moon, which occurs between January 21 and February 20 and is named after an animal each year. Tradition tells us that Buddha told all the animals on earth to meet him but only 12 went there. The first was the rat which marked a loop in which every year they receive the name of one of the animals and take on their characteristics.

Here we bring you some inspiration for your Chinese New Year designs:

Lantern festival

This festival celebrates the official end of the year in China. On this day, the red lanterns that for weeks have been decorating the houses, schools, jobs, or parks of each city, fly into the sky reflecting their color throughout the country.

How to create assets for the Lantern Festival (Photo and Vectors)

It is impressive to see how the sky is dyed red for a moment, and it opens to receive all the offerings in the form of fire with which it will end the previous year and bring us the next. Try to capture that moment with your camera and share it with everyone.

We could say that each lantern tells a story, that of the person who has lit it thinking about everything that this new opportunity in the form of a year asks for. That is why there are as many lanterns as there are people. What’s yours?

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Gastronomic tradition

Like almost every tradition involving family and home, the Chinese New Year is full of its own smells, colors, and flavors. But in this case, food has its own meaning. For example, sweet rice balls represent family unity, fruit means fullness and wealth, and noodles represent longevity. Create your menu!

How to create gastronomic assets (Photo and Vectors)

Although it is difficult for us to look away from such an appetizing meal, the protagonist is undoubtedly the family. The very meeting that is mandatory every year and makes us remember who we are, where we come from and why we love each other. That is why food is an excuse to celebrate that we are all together again.

The aesthetics of the Chinese New Year tables is essential. Elegance reigns at every table due to the colors and shapes accompanying each dish.

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New year poems

The couplets are poetic compositions of two lines that are written with black or gold ink on red paper. The two lines must have the same number of characters and opposite meanings.

It’s not easy, first, you have to write up, then down, and finally sideways. And it must be done before the end of the year between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. if possible making it coincide with the moon on December 29.

New Year’s poem mockups are in high demand, yet we lack them! So it’s an excellent opportunity to create content and ensure downloads! Especially on PSD files.

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This is just a summary of one of the most curious festivities of the year, but if you want more information, you can visit this link that we have just for you to discover much more.