What’s going on in: November

November is a month of transition – you’ve finished getting all your coats out of storage and you’re already thinking about Christmas, which is just beginning to raise its head above the parapet with the installation of lights in the street, the toy ads and the anxiety because, for yet another year, you’ve got no idea what to give people and Black Friday is nearly here, and you don’t want to miss out on the biggest savings of the year.

But that’s enough of skipping ahead. You can think about December when it arrives, right now it’s November’s turn to be in the spotlight. What’s more, the month has many important days that are worthy of generating content and including in your calendar. Let’s take a look at some of the most important.


This isn’t one day, it’s 30. It’s been almost 20 years since two friends decided to grow mustaches to raise awareness about men’s physical and mental health. Today, this initiative has become so important that it’s not just individuals getting involved. Brands from all over the world are joining in, flooding social media, the street and news outlets everywhere with mustaches of all kinds, shapes and colors. 

How to create resources for Moustaches

Despite having a goal that’s genuine and serious, this month uses humor to have some fun and reach even more people. We love the collections that are full of different types of mustaches, some of them actually impossible and that would make you laugh even on the most beautiful face in the world.

Everyone can and should participate in this initiative, and you don’t need to have a mustache to do so. Say what? Yes, yes! How about designing paper mustaches and doing some fun photo sessions with people of all kinds playing with them? Some really entertaining images can come out of that.

Thanksgiving Day – 24th

This is one of the most recognizable and important days in American culture, and it’s already well known all over the world. The name doesn’t deceive – its origin really does come from a full-fledged thanksgiving occasion, when it’s said that the mayor of Plymouth organized a huge banquet to thank the local Indians for helping them to have good harvests.

How to create Thanksgiving resources

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear Thanksgiving? On the count of three: one, two, three…food! The best tablecloths, cutlery and assorted decorations from every home are sitting on the shelves as if waiting for Beauty and the Beast to announce this great day. And the fact is that the food featuring on this day shouldn’t be treated any old way. The turkey, the pumpkin pie… You can almost smell it just thinking about it.

As we’ve said, it’s a celebration based on gratitude. That’s why every family sends the sincerest congratulations to all those who have helped make this year a little better and happier thanks to their presence. Try designing your own messages, thinking of all those people who you’d want to find one in the mailbox.

Veterans Day – 11th

Unlike Memorial Day, in the United States Veterans Day remembers all those heroes who have participated in different conflicts wearing the military uniform. Many of these people are now elderly and their homecoming is celebrated during an entire day full of events across the country, the most important being the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Virginia.

How to create resources for Veterans Day

Just in case there’s any doubt, the star of this day in terms of symbols is the flag. That’s why any photograph that includes it either as a background, with free space for text or someone proudly displaying its colors will be more than useful.

Actually, the symbolism of this day is very similar to that of the 4th of July, an American national holiday. But there is one element that changes and that you need to incorporate into your new designs: medals. Besides, their golden color will stand out among the combinations of blue, white and red.

These are just some of the events we’ve selected, but remember there are many more. 11/11, Singles’ Day, or Black Friday for example. Grab your calendar and choose the dates that inspire you the most!