What’s going on in November

We may think of November as a transitional month, caught between the falling leaves of autumn and the arrival of Christmas. But nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence lies in the fact that it’s been challenging for us to select just four notable events from this month, where practically every day holds an important and remarkable milestone.

So, while it may be tempting to start thinking about Christmas, here’s a list of options to prepare some original and standout designs highlighting everything happening this month.

World Veganism Day

Veganism is becoming increasingly widespread around the world. There are various reasons why people choose this lifestyle, but all of them revolve around protecting and preserving our planet.

Create designs that showcase the beauty and diversity of vegan cuisine. You can design illustrations of colorful and appetizing dishes made from plant-based ingredients, thereby conveying the idea of healthy and sustainable yet appealing food. There’s a false belief that vegan food is dull, so it’s time to prove otherwise.

Furthermore, you can incorporate visual elements related to nature and animals to emphasize the ethical values of veganism.


Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican holiday that honors the deceased. Its imagery is recognized worldwide, but sometimes we tend to scratch only the surface, while there’s still so much to explore about this vibrant tradition.

Create content that reflects the magic of this significant and celebrated date. You can depict decorated skulls, offerings with food and symbolic objects, as well as elements related to life and death. Make sure to use vibrant colors and characteristic elements of this festivity.

And if you want to take it a step further, you can create your own altar. Instead of limiting yourself to traditional elements, incorporate unique elements such as marigold flowers and candles to build a virtual offering that innovatively pays homage to your loved ones. Combine illustrations, photographs, and graphic elements to create a distinctive and personalized digital altar. Include elements that represent

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is an online shopping event that follows Black Friday and requires a wealth of visual resources for all online channels.

Design special and original offers and discounts for this day that can even serve as inspiration. Use eye-catching graphics and visual elements related to technology and online shopping to capture consumers’ attention. Additionally, make sure to include persuasive messages that invite people to take advantage of the deals and make smart purchases.

Consider incorporating elements of gamification, such as challenges or virtual rewards, that shoppers can unlock by exploring your products or making purchases. This will generate excitement and additional motivation to participate in the shopping experience.


Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional holiday in the United States to express gratitude for the blessings received.

It’s a time for family gatherings, where abundance of food and a spirit of gratitude take center stage. You can use visual elements such as decorated tables, turkeys, pumpkins, and autumn leaves to evoke the warm and festive atmosphere of this celebration. Don’t forget to convey a message of thanks and reflection.


As you can see, November is a month filled with significant events before one of the busiest dates of the year arrives. Get back to the routine with enthusiasm and upload your most creative and inspiring designs for this September.

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