What’s going on in March

We know, we know. You might still need to finish setting up your Christmas tree, and we are already talking about March. But this is our monthly gift to you: bringing the most important events to help you plan your future creations with plenty of time.

Pause your Christmas carols in your speakers for a moment and grab a pen and paper–these are the most relevant days in March for your content.

Women’s Day – 8 March

The first important event in March: Women's Day

The third month of the year begins celebrating the freedom and rights of women all around the world. In Western countries, the female gender symbol and the purple color take over the streets and social media to fight for equity. Inclusivity and representation are crucial to inspire and unite women from every corner of the globe.

Ramadan – 10 March


March 10th marks the kick-off of Islam’s most sacred and significant weeks. Ramadan commemorates Prophet Muhammad’s first revelations by fasting, praying, and meditating. Elements like the Crescent moon, mosques, the Musbaha, or Arabic lanterns will lead the searches related to this event.

Saint Patrick’s Day – 17 March

Saint Patrick's Day

Ireland has successfully exported their most important day to every corner of the world where you can find an Irish pub. Celebrate it with four-leaf clovers, pots filled with gold, top buckled hats, the jolly leprechaun dancing over tables, and green, lots of green. Join one of the most exciting festivities of the year and bring some Irish luck to your creations.

Spring- 20 March


We might just be entering Christmas time, yet we are already looking forward to next year’s Spring. Once again, March fills our website with green landscapes and colorful flowers. Sunflowers and poppies are some of the most searched. Add them to your creations.

Enjoy your well-deserved holidays with your loved ones, and start planning your future creations with these events in mind.

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