What’s going on in June

We have blinked and another month is gone. We don´t realize it and the days run by our side as if nothing had happened. We could get nostalgic and complain about the speed of time or write a poem looking out the window as the seasons go by. But instead of that what we put the batteries on.

Because saying that every day is different is more than true. But the things that happen are what make them different, and there are many kilometers around the world where things happen that you don’t even know about. Because we are back with a new fresh selection of important dates for the month of June.

Extra extra! Take a look and get inspired by the traditions, festivals and most special days of a month where there are many things to celebrate. And remember, the sooner you upload your content, the sooner your downloads will start.

World Environment Day

And we come from a very environmental month, because in May we have World Recycling Day and Biodiversity week.

But it is the 5th of June when we have the big day with World Environment Day. This day, in addition to thanking everything that nature gives us, is the perfect time to raise awareness. To reach people and turn them into active agents in the care of our planet from the smallest of each house, to the most skeptical elders.

The claim this year is “One Earth”, words that remind us of the importance of living in harmony with the planet, and taking care of the only one we have as it is a gift.

How to create resources for World Environment Day

Blue and green are great, but have you tried adding new colors to your designs? Brown maybe? Which combined with certain textures can create the illusion of paper, cork or other elements related to recycling and sustainability and which are also neutral, so they fit with almost any palette you have chosen for your creation.

Picture by Rawpixel

But don´t forget the main objective of this day, which as we have already mentioned, is to raise awareness and call for action, and we can achieve this through something as simple as hands. Try to incorporate two, four or many hands doing something for the planet in your photographs, it will look like a much more dynamic image and will call to care for the planet.

Saint John

If you don’t know what the night of Saint John is, you are lucky such a lucky person you can discover it for the first time, because it is a magical night that will surely catch your attention. It is celebrated in some European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark or Finland and in South America in places such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile or Ecuador. This festival has as many legends as the countries where it is celebrated. Some of them are religious, others are not, and many others stay in the middle taking the best of each of the stories to create their own.

But no matter where, it is always celebrated from June 23 to 24, the shortest night of the year. According to legends, wishes come true on this magical night, which is why, is is celebrated e around the element of fire to burn away the bad things of the year, or water to bring something new with each wave that reaches the shores and that some people jump or wash their faces with.

How to create resources for Saint John

Well, in this case, we would love it if you were the one to tell us how Saint John is celebrated in your country. As we have said, there are as many ways of living it as there are countries in the world. That is why we encourage you to show us a new way of living it through your designs.

Picture by Macrovector

You can try mixing the elements that represent the night of Saint John, such as fire and water, which can end up in photographs as beautiful as this one.

Picture by Kireyonok_yuliya

Yellow Day

Time flies. It looks like yesterday when we were suffering from Blue Monday and now we are… on the happiest day of the year! Did you know that we also have a day to celebrate the happiest 24 hours? Well, it exists and it is Yellow Day. Yellow is the chosen colour because as soon as you see it, it already transmits energy, positivity, illumination and fun.

How to create resources for Yellow Day

We encourage you to tell us what a Yellow Day is for you by capturing those activities that make you happiest and that are related to a good time and laughs.

Picture by Mrzivica

Also remember that yellow is the color for emojis, so how about using them in your designs to play with different expressions and funny faces?

These are some of the ideas for this month of June but remember that there are many things happening around the world and we don’t want to miss any of them. So grab your camera, mouse or pencil and don’t miss a thing!