What’s going on in: January

New Year’s Goal Number One: Hit the Goals!
And organizing your work on time should totally be one of them. Write it down because it will save you from many stressful moments.

So here we are to help you with the first events post of the year so that you start it off on the right foot. Find out what happens in January and…ready to work!

Blue Monday – January 16

We don’t know if it really exists no matter how much evidence we find. But repeating it year after year has sadly conditioned us to live the saddest Monday of the year.

How to Create assets for Blue Monday

This is a good opportunity to practice acting models in photography. Whether we like it or not, many images of sad people are going to be downloaded on this day, and the more realistic the better. Because the image of a person staring at the camera lowering the corner of the mouth may be fine, but not many  of us get sad in such a theatrical way.

Displeased bearded guy smirks face, uses modern cellphone, cannot download application, has sad expression, wears transparent glasses and jumper, connected to wireless internet. Sad phone user

And if we try to turn it around? For example, creating templates on how to combat Blue Monday instead of highlighting everything negative.

Galungan – January 4 to 14

Did you know that the Balinese have two different calendars? Well despite this, the Galungan continues to be equally important and celebrated in both. It is a day to celebrate the triumph of good over evil where the island is filled with rituals of color, music, and gastronomy for ten days.

How to create assets for the Galungan

In this type of festivities, we tend to focus on temples and landscapes and we sometimes forget about people. So you can try to include them in your photographs enjoying the event and showing us all the happy atmosphere that is breathed those days.

And we can adapt this to any vector image, also being able to add all the colors we want. The brightness, the blues of the sea that surround the island, and all the striking nuances that will be distinguished will serve to reflect that joy that pervades Bali these days.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16

Every third Monday of January, year after year, this day is celebrated. It is made to remember the fight of Martin Luther King Jr. for the defense of the African-American community in the United States and the claim of their civil rights. A day in which, regardless of our race and color, we stop what we are doing in order to honor the memory and maintain the legacy of an activist who did so much for the equality of people in a country where cultures coexist more peacefully every day.

How to create assets for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Words were his most powerful weapon. That is why we all remember phrases that he included in his speech and that hit the popular memory to accompany us throughout the years. And it is precisely these days when it is essential to remember them through designs that attract attention due to their strength and simplicity.

Identifying this fight with the American flag is what makes a country proud and condemns all those against inclusion who identify with this symbol. That is why all the designs that merge both ideas, making them a single concept, will be a great idea.

And this is all to start the year. May you fulfill all your purposes!