What’s going on in January

After a whole year filled with trends, special events, and Artificial Intelligence, 2023 is finally coming to its end. It’s time to start thinking about everything that awaits in January 2024! If you still haven’t figured out your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a list of the main events you can draw inspiration from for your upcoming creations.

Avoid the January Blues by planning your designs and start the year on the right foot, covering the most demanded assets and images of this time of the year.

Blue Monday – January 15

Blue Monday, January's main event

Once again, January’s third Monday will be the “saddest Monday” of the year. As Christmas’ euphoria and joy fade away, these weeks become less happy and more “blue” due to the climate and post-vacation depression.

Besides using blue as the main element, you should also try to include “sad” expressions in your creations. You can capture the January Blues through the faces of your models or by adding sad faces in certain elements. Few things convey the “Blue Monday” spirit better than a depressing coffee mug or post-it, but feel free to experiment with new ideas!

Martin Luther King Day – January 15

Martin Luther King Day

Besides celebrating “Blue Monday,” January’s third Monday also marks Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day. Millions of North Americans celebrate the birthday of one of the most important figures for African Americans and the fight against racism by marching through the streets or participating in service activities.

The American flag colors should be present in your designs, and you can also play with silhouettes that represent MLK, including some of his most memorable quotes. Words that, sadly, are still relevant and important in our current times.

International Education Day – January 24

International Education Day

On January 24th, the United Nations established International Education Day to remind everybody of one of the most important human rights. A right to which, sadly, millions of kids worldwide do not have access.

As you might have guessed, kids will be the main protagonists of your creations. Aim for inclusivity by showing different ethnicities in your designs and placing them in classrooms, schools, or studying from home.

If you don’t have any models to photograph, it’s okay. You can also help celebrate this remarkable day by adding school-themed elements to your designs, such as books, blackboards, pencils, or rulers, among many others.

These are some of the main events that occur throughout January but don’t forget to check the most searched terms of this month to start 2024 the best way possible.

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