What’s going on in December

Get ready for December!

A new month is upon us, and December brings with it a sense of anticipation and excitement. While the holiday season is just around the corner, let’s take a break from Christmas-themed designs and explore other notable events happening this month. In this blog post, we’ll highlight four captivating events that will inspire your design creations for December. Get ready to dive into these exciting opportunities!

New Year’s Eve countdown

As we bid farewell to the current year and eagerly await the arrival of a new one, New Year’s Eve brings excitement and anticipation for celebrations worldwide. Capture the festive spirit of this occasion through your designs and help others welcome the upcoming year in style.

Create eye-catching graphics that embody the energy and joy of New Year’s Eve. Incorporate elements like fireworks, confetti, champagne glasses, and clocks to symbolize the countdown to midnight. Experiment with typography to design custom countdown numbers or create playful illustrations featuring people celebrating and raising a toast to new beginnings.

Remember, your designs should evoke a sense of celebration, optimism, and anticipation, serving as the perfect visual representation of the year’s end and the beginning of a fresh chapter.

International Day of Peace

December 21st marks the International Day of Peace, a day dedicated to fostering peace, harmony, and understanding among nations and individuals. This event presents a unique opportunity for designers to communicate messages of unity, compassion, and hope.

Design visuals that convey the spirit of peace and inspire positive change. Experiment with calming color palettes, gentle illustrations, and harmonious compositions. Consider creating thought-provoking posters or social media graphics that promote dialogue, understanding, and empathy.

Infuse your designs with powerful symbols of peace, such as doves, olive branches, or the universal peace symbol. Incorporate typography that evokes serenity and invites viewers to reflect on the importance of peace in our lives and communities.

Your designs have the potential to ignite conversations and inspire actions that contribute to a more peaceful world.

Human Rights day

On December 10th, Human Rights Day is celebrated worldwide, commemorating the day when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This event presents a powerful opportunity to design resources that promote and advocate for human rights.

Consider designing social media graphics, posters, or banners that raise awareness about specific human rights issues or celebrate the progress made in protecting human rights. Utilize bold colors and typography to grab attention and convey a sense of urgency.

Your design can play a significant role in inspiring others to become advocates for human rights and contribute to positive change in the world.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

On the third Friday of December, people across the globe participate in National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. This light-hearted and fun event provides a unique opportunity to create engaging and whimsical designs.

Design quirky and festive patterns or illustrations that capture the essence of “ugly” Christmas sweaters. Incorporate elements like reindeer, snowflakes, ornaments, and vibrant colors to create playful and eye-catching visuals. Consider creating customizable templates that allow people to personalize their own virtual ugly sweaters with text or images.

Additionally, you can design social media graphics or e-cards that encourage people to embrace the joy and humor of the holiday season. Use clever and humorous messages that celebrate the uniqueness of ugly Christmas sweaters and the spirit of lightheartedness.

As we bid farewell to another year, let your designs serve as a reminder of the moments that bring us together, inspire positive change, and ignite the spirit of creativity. Embrace the opportunities December presents, and let your designs leave a lasting impression on those who encounter them.

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