What’s going on in August

There are so many interesting things happening in every corner of the planet right now that we wish we could stop time and visit each one of them. But since we can’t, at least physically, today we are going to make a route through some of the most important celebrations and, who knows?, maybe you can find the inspiration to turn on your computer or take your camera (or mobile), and create content with the latest trends.

International Youth Day (August 12th)

If we have a childhood day, we have to have a youth day. A day for all those people who are at a wonderful moment to discover who they are, to make their own decisions and be what they have always wanted. As long as they have the opportunity. Because this day is also celebrated to remember and help all those who need resources to be able to train, grow, and have a decent life.

How to create resources for International Youth Day 

If we look for what the word youth means in our dictionary, one of the meanings says “the beginning of something”, and that is what we think of when we speak of youth. We think of illusion, desire and energy. It is also a stage where people experiment to find themselves, so the differences between each one of us are more noticeable than in any other stage of life. Take your camera (or your mobile) and capture that beautiful essence that, no matter how old we are, we should never forget about.

friendship, youth, friends smiling

But do not forget the vindictive component. Youth is the most powerful generation to change the world, either because of their strength or because of their commitment to making all the years ahead of them worthwhile. That is why it is a wonderful idea to create resources that speak to that part of the young population that we can help by giving a voice.

youth, friendship, demonstration

Organ Donation Day (August 14)

We’ve all had blood drawn at some point in our lives. Maybe to check that we are healthy enough, or to help someone in need, even if we don’t know that person. But it seems that organ donation is something that gives us a little more respect. And it’s normal, because nobody teaches us everything we can do by becoming a donor. That is precisely why this day exists.

How to create resources for Organ Donation Day

We tend to associate organ donation with the image of a heart, however, we forget that there are many others that we can donate in life and that can save someone thanks to a little piece of us without taking any risks. What if you try to tell this through one of your designs?

red rubber heart on hands of elderly and child

We can already imagine the hardest face of this day, but what if we show the most human, close and happy? There are many people behind all this, such as the health workers who help to make it possible every day and to whom we have thanked so many in recent times. 

Ganesh Chathurthi (August 31)

This day depends on the position of the moon each year. This is when the birthday of the god Ganesh is celebrated, he is the god of wisdom and is represented with an elephant’s head on his human body. He tells the story that he is the son of Shiva and Parvati, and that he competed with his brother to get the fruit of wisdom, winning the price and being the representation of intelligence forever.

How to Create Resources for Ganesh Chartuthi

A representation of Ganesh is placed surrounded by mandapas in every hindu home. Mandapas are lights, colors and all the decorative elements that we can find to give joy to the figure that everyone venerates. Try to make your own altar in one of your designs with your most personal style.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh loves sweets (like all of us), so it is essential to make an offering with the best of each house. And they look so good that you should take pictures of them.

Remember that you can take inspiration from these special days or show us the ones that are celebrated in your own region, we have a lot to learn and discover!