Webinar: develop a career in stock photography

This last webinar passed so quickly that we wish we could have it one more time. Sadly, it is not possible and opportunities only happen once in life. But don’t worry, we bring you a summary of the highlights of the afternoon so you do not miss anything that was discussed about how to develop a career in stock photography.

This webinar has been the first that we launch under the name “Freepik Galaxy”, a new concept made to create content and that has a special meaning for us: a galaxy is a set of celestial bodies united by the force of gravity, and you, contributors, are our stars.

Our colleagues Ana Tudela and Julio Quesada, account manager and content hunter at Freepik Company, reviewed some of the hottest trends in current stock photography and how to use Freepik’s tools to boost your content and its downloads.

Some of them are “in motion”, vertical photographs adapted to social networks and copies, social activism, photo Composition or diversity and inclusivity, something that we already knew and we have introduced you thanks to the challenge that we launched and in which you can still participate here.

Ana encouraged us to become ambassadors of the culture of our own country by creating diverse content that helps us travel the world. She talked about the amazing work of our content planning department, which analyzes the content that needs to be covered. Remember you can always visit the trendy keywords dashboard and all the entries in this blog to discover what content is being demanded.

Sandor Mejías

Sandor Mejías, Freepik collaborator and Mexican ambassador on the platform, told us about his own experience, which began in the pandemic and has changed his life. Sandor is the clear example of how reinventing yourself can have great results. He told us that he tries to carry the camera with him whenever he can, however he always tries to work with a calendar and in an organized way. 

One of his most important learnings was that resources can always be improved. The platform is your ally and if you are not achieving the objectives you expected, it is time to analyze what may be failing to change it.

Barbecue tacos. Golden tacos. Typical mexican food.

Santi Nuñez

Our next guest was Santi Nuñez, he is one of the three founders of Stockeros. Stock photography also changed Santi’s life. Back in his early days when he didn’t know how to handle a camera and his models were his own friends, he couldn’t even imagine everything he would achieve. He gave us some very interesting advices, such as starting by shooting a lot of photos to practice and improving little by little until reaching a few but high-quality sessions. In addition, he encouraged us to portray the reality of the world in which we live, highlighting the great power of photographers to tell real stories.

Portrait of handsome man walking in the street. Lifestyle concept.

Here you have the full session so you don’t miss a thing. In addition, we have compiled some of the most relevant questions and that you surely have also asked yourself at some point.

  • What is the ideal amount of resources per month? You need to be constant, we are not talking about large amounts of pictures but about frequency. This is how you achieve a great position in the home page.
  • Any tips for taking pictures of people? The first thing is to inform the person and sign the consent. Santi gave us the following advice with which we will answer this question: Before clicking with the camera, we must click with the model.
  • What documents do you ask for to validate my invoice? Any official identification document and an address that matches the place of tax declaration.
  • Is metadata important? A lot. The content team relies on metadata. If we had to give a number, it would be between 30 and 35 keywords.
  • How long does it take to generate great income? Santi began to generate income after 4 or 5 months and was able to leave his other job a year and a half after.
  • Is there exclusivity in the contributor model? No, you can upload your photos to any other platform.

See you at the next webinar!