We Talked To Our Ukranian Ambassador Yulia

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello everybody, my name is Yulia, I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. I have two most important hobbies, without which I can’t imagine my life – painting and photography. Since my childhood, I draw everywhere: paper, magazines, furniture 🙂 And I always dreamt about buying a camera when I grow up, so it happened.

What made you originally want to become a photographer?

Once I participated in the food contest and when didn’t win I got very upset because the plate itself was very good. A friend of mine suggested I pay more attention to the quality of photos and thanks to that I started my journey as a food photographer.

How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration and ideas for new designs?

Honestly, I don’t know what my style is, I just want to transmit through the photo the taste and beauty of the food. I often browse through other photographers’ profiles, looking for inspiration and I love to spend a few hours on Pinterest- so many wonderful things there!

What tips would you give to budding photographers?

If you want to be a stock designer or photographer, learn, try and definitely come to the stocks once you have a few strong designs to be able to compete with “oldies”.

Why did you want to work with microstock agencies?

I like the freedom it gives. I am not chained to the office chair and no time restrictions. Work only, when I have opportunity and time, to be able to be with the family.

What made you want to become a contributor to Freepik? What are the benefits of uploading your work?

Oh, that was a long way. From looking for information online to the time when I was approached directly and been offered to become a contributor. I took a risk and don’t regret it. I like that files are easy to upload, I don’t need to dig through categories and check every keyword. And the money is good, of course.

What advice do you have for designers who want to become on contributors on Freepik?

Quality, as I mentioned before. But in general, just do it. It doesn’t take much of your time yet gives you a good income.

Why would you recommend using Freepik and how has it benefited your work?

I think if you want to be free and have time to do other things, join Freepik family. Thanks to being there, I am keeping myself in shape: draw, constantly take pictures and upload them and by that, increase the quality and quantity of my work.

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