Upload photos made with your cell phone!

How many of us would love to have a button next to our eyes to be able to “capture screen” at any time and take a picture of that reality that seems perfect to us? We don’t know if this will happen in the future, but we do know that right now, the closest thing we have is a cell phone at hand 24 hours a day and the ability to store thousands of photos on each of them.

Photographs that today are the same as those that we can take with a conventional camera, and sometimes even better. That is why today we take one more step and launch…

Cell phone photo upload!

From now on you will be able to upload all those images that you have saved and that are worthy of exposure. In addition, to upload your photos you will not have to do anything new. The process is the same as for a traditional upload, through the contributor panel, and the same goes for quality standards. Check them out here if you’re not sure what they are or want to take a look at them.

Because although they have the same level, the photographs taken with the cell transmit us naturalness, generated by the context itself that leaves room for improvisation and spontaneity. That is why we are sure that great resources will come from here.

And if you’ve never taken this type of photos before, or want to learn new ways to exploit them, don’t miss these tricks!


As with cameras, with cell phones we do not have to limit ourselves when it comes to wanting to take a specific type of photo, such as those that cover a greater field of vision, or those with details of small things.

Your best friends for this will be the lenses, which work as an added accesory to your cell and are as easy to use as putting it on the camera of your device, and that’s it!

You can now have the wide-angle or macro images that you would get with a traditional camera.

Picture by bk87

Take advantage of its size

And it is that being much smaller than any other device, you can place it almost anywhere. So give free rein to your imagination and try throwing the photos from lamps, open bags or remote corners where a camera would not fit.

Also, you can afford to play around with perspective and anything you bring the camera closer to will appear much bigger from that little corner.

Picture by rawpixel.com

Work with natural light

We are sure that you can do wonders with all types of light. But without a doubt, this is not the strong point of cell phone cameras. So take advantage of the best moments of light and look for places with that special touch at some time of the day to capture its brightness and get the most out of the capabilities of your device.

Remember that in addition, as in any camera, you can touch the settings as you wish to get the perfect photo.

Picture by wirestock


Not all cells have a great camera, and in many of them, when we find an image with some contrast, the part that is most in the shade tends to blur.

That is why a good trick is to activate HDR, this will make the photo more illuminated and soften that contrast that we want to avoid.

But don’t abuse it, or your photo will be too artificial!

Now that you know some tricks, what do you think if you try to take a photo and share it with us? Also, do not miss our networks, because we will be giving more tips to get the ideal image with that cell that you always have at hand.