Trendy keywords: july

Have you already used our keywords tool and checked how it is the perfect way to organize your work and create content with guaranteed downloads?

Remember that it is there where you can check the most searched tags with also the highest lack of resources in our web. That is why every created resource will be the protagonist and will not be lost between pages and pages of files.

But also, as you know, it is important to have in mind all the events that happen every month. So if we put together these special days, with the suggestions of our keyword panel and generate our calendar based on it, the result will be success.

Here’s a summary of some of the most relevant so you don’t miss anything.


World Ufo Day

How many movies in which the protagonists are some beings that live inside the famous Unidentified Flying Objects have you seen? And posters, video clips, “photographic” reports… There is a whole imaginary surrounding these creatures, and far from believing in their existence, we all agree that they are fascinating. And if we ”know” how they look, it is thanks to all those designers who have been in charge of creating them, why don’t you dare too? You can build on what we already know or design something completely personal. No one will tell you you are wrong!


What better than creating resources for this tag now that summer is here and we are going to need it so much?  From the most traditional and historical cartography, to the most current formats. You can also do it about places that you have visited or the ones where you dream of going one day. We are sure that you can have a great time with this resource and also help many people who are lost right now!

Mock up

Summer sales

3,2,1…now! Weren’t you ready yet? Well, get that tablet and start designing so that one of the most anticipated (and stressful) moments of the year doesn’t catch you off guard. It would be impossible to count with one, two, or five hundred hands how many stores are in need of your most original mockups to communicate their discounts. So don’t wait too long because time is running out and you’ll also want some time to organize your purchases, right?

Eco Packaging

If you have read our featured events of the month, you will have been able to verify that June is one of the most demanding months in terms of our ecosystem and environment. That is perhaps why this is one of the most demanded keywords. Because in addition to raising awareness, you also have to start applying it to real cases and you can lend a hand by designing some packaging that echoes everything you can imagine. Would you help us taking care of the planet?


World Population Day

People are the protagonists here. This day is celebrated to remember and become aware of the problems suffered by people around the world. That is why it is a good time to talk to us about the current situation in your country and communicate through photography, which is something essential and that the stock photographer and founder of Stockeros Santi Nuñez already told us about at this webinar that we enjoyed this past week.


You will think that you do not know what it is, but you have seen it many times. They are all those signs that tell us where we are and where we can go anywhere. Lines that indicate the route to follow on the street, museums, (or some other well-known furniture store), exit or entrance doors, city posts with information about the place or how to get there by puclic transport… as you will see it is almost infinite. Show us how you move around the world!

And now that you are clear about what is going to happen soon and what users are going to demand, all that remains is to upload your files and see the result!