Trends: October, November and December

If there’s one thing that we repeat over and over again it’s that content must be planned to upload it on time and ensure that it is as successful as you have come to expect. This way, we won’t waste any time, assets and energy and we can make sure that our pieces receive the downloads they deserve.

While summer is characterized for being a quieter period, the last quarter of the year is known for amassing a higher number of important events than almost the rest of the whole year. And although we’re more than familiar with these events, here’s a reminder and some tricks to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

World Breast Cancer Day – October 19

We tend to reflect on diseases in general from the most esthetic perspective possible. Of course, nothing could be further from reality. We’re not saying that we should be explicit in each design, but simply that we should talk about the reality that surrounds us.

This reality includes a great number of different types of people who must all be included to normalize the physical effects of such a widespread disease. From scarves to the different types of breasts affected. We have the image of a smiling young woman with a pink t-shirt in our head, but this isn’t the reality and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s more, it’s the perfect time to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to design some eye-catching graphics about how to perform one at home.

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Halloween – October 31

If there’s one trick to ensure that your Halloween photos have an even more special and spooky touch, it’s to use light in all its forms. 

And talking about forms, have you ever heard of light painting? It entails “painting” in the air using a particular lighting element, leaving a halo behind that is then captured by the camera at just the right time. To take a good photo, it’s important to first plan what you want it to look like and to use guides to mark the space.

Picture by Luisbanerescaus

Finally, whether in a photograph or as part of a design, positioning lights at a low angle is perfect to give any of the elements placed above them a terrifying effect. 

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Black Friday – November 25

Let’s be honest, this day is total chaos. Stress, hustle and bustle, endless lines and disorder are never far away on this well-known Friday. That’s precisely why our photos must reflect the nicest side of Black Friday, the side that people want to be part of, encouraging them to make all those purchases that they’ve been leaving for when the prices drop.

It’s also one of the days requiring the highest number of templates or mockups, as each store has to advertise its own special offers. So don’t be afraid to play with neons, bright colors and giant fonts, which never fail to capture attention.

Design by Ranilson-arruda

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Christmas is synonymous with emotions. Nostalgia, returning home, not being able to return home, remembering years past and opening unexpected gifts. That’s why it’s also the perfect time to innovate, giving our photos certain effects that we don’t use at any other time of the year. 

One trick is to look for an element to carry the entire importance of the photo. And the fact of the matter is, at this time of year, everything is overloaded with decorations, stealing the spotlight from all else. That’s why it’s better to choose a single central element and try, for example, to blur out the rest. Have you ever tried the bookeh effect? If not, check it out!

Picture by

It’s also the ideal moment to design some of the most original Christmas cards, just like we used to in those school competitions when we were kids. Don’t you fancy reminiscing?

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So now you know, include these events in your calendar and be sure to try some of the tricks that we’ve left you here today.