Top Contributor: Summer edition

Getting back to the routine can be difficult sometimes. We feel that too. That is why we are back with something that makes us very happy every month…the Top Contributor! 

But this one is even more special (if it is possible), because it isn’t the Top Contributor of the month, but of the whole summer! If you have read the Back to the Routine post, you will have noticed that it is necessary to save some time to get inspired and organize your work when you come back from vacation. Do it now by visiting three of the most creative profiles on Freepik!

PSD: Vtr3d

It doesn’t surprise us at all that the designs of this contributor have won a place in the ranking of the most downloaded profiles this summer. If we take a look at his portfolio we will find the most colorful resources that many of you have surely used in this summer season. In addition to having a wide catalog of pictures based on the festivities and events of the moment, it has some more special and unique ones such as flags or balloons of different colors and shapes. A cheerful profile.

Photo: Branin

Routine can be wonderful, and Branin knows that. His photographs take us back to a quiet day to day, from work to coffee time, going through the purchase in a greengrocer or chatting with friends. Common situations that can be extraordinary and that manage to be thanks to the colors, the light, or the vitality of the people who are the protagonists of their resources.

Vector: RKarts

We always say that taking a walk through the creativities of our contributors is a great way to travel from your own living room. Discovering the culture of a country through your designs is one of the things we enjoy the most (among many others). With RK arts we move directly to Asia, specifically to India, through very modern and striking designs that represent the most special figures and moments of a rich and beautiful culture.

The routine doesn’t seem so boring now right? The holidays are far away now, so let’s put our batteries on. See you soon with much more contributors to discover.