Top Contributor May

What is the best thing about the beginning of June? Summer, ice cream, the beach…it is all true, but there is one thing that is even better than that…and it is that we have a new top of the best contributors of this month so you can enjoy all their designs!

But this month we will bring something new. And it is that in addition to reviewing the most outstanding authors in photography, vectors and PSD, we are going to know who takes the gold in icons. Do you want to know who has achieved the first position this month? Keep reading.


If there is something that is valued within stock photography, it is naturalness when it comes to people. And that is something that YuriArcursPeopleimages has very controlled. Not only for capturing his models in everyday poses and spontaneous expressions, but also for the warmth of his designs, thanks to which he manages to convey closeness and empathy in each one of them.

Something that he also achieves in those images of landscapes or elements in which we can also enjoy this warmth, making it his hallmark.

High angle shot of neatly arranged summer wear laid out on a beach towel during the day.

Have you checked out our challenge yet? Because in Yuri’s profile you have many examples of diversity to inspire you and capture your own photographs to participate.

Cropped shot of a group of people looking down at the camera.

Vectors tartila

Although there are projects with very similar themes, in each of them you will need totally different elements, and Tartila knows this very well. Whatever you are looking for, it is very likely that you will find it among all its resources, and in each one of them you have many variations on the same theme to choose from. Templates for logos, personalized emojis, elements of the bag or space… they can even serve to inspire you and use them as a starting point for your next job!

Cartoon faces. Expressive eyes and mouth, smiling, crying and surprised character face expressions. Caricature comic emotions or emoticon doodle. Isolated vector illustration icons set

PSD – ranilsonarruda

Each time of the year has its own events, products and purchases. And that’s what each of ranilsonarruda’s designs are for. In their PSD we can find resources adapted to each of the times and not only for what they say but also for how. Colors, shapes and hues that take us directly to what is happening in the world at that precise moment and with which to customize our own designs.

Iconos – juicy_fish

Think of any theme. Any icon that can come in handy to express yourself in one of your designs. You have it in this profile.

And we dare to say it because juicy_fish really has one of the most extensive libraries where you can find resources for anything with her special touch. For your next design, try having her profile open in one of your browser tabs and check it yourself.

And here is the review of this month. Have you already used designs from some of the collaborators we’ve seen? Perhaps they have come this far thanks to you. Remember you can be next on this list, so don’t forget to review the trends on our blog and social networks… and design!