Top Contributor April

One more time, you have spoken. So here they are…¡the Top Contributors of April!

This time we have get closer to them, so they are they ones who tell us about their work and exprience. Want to know more? Here you have it!

Hai Tran @tgh-design

There are lots of things we love about @tgh-design, but if we have to choose just one it would probably be his capacity to create that many vectors around the same concept. This is just a clue about how far his creativity can get, but we have spoken with him to know more.

He says his inspiration comes from daily things we all go through, but he tries to look at them from a different point of view (better with a great and energetic playlist of Son Tung MTP).
And that totally works. But he doesn’t settle for it, he wants to keep on taking steps so his resources can get to more and more people who need and love them everyday.

So much so that he is thinking about opening his own design brand. We wish him the best luck and we are sure he is going to fulfill all his dreams.

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib @volodymyr-t

Seven years ago, Volodymyr came up with the greatest idea: joining the stock photography universe. It came up from mixing his wonderful talent and the experience of his wife and best friend who both worked in that field. Since then, he has built up a big portfolio made of more than 50k photographs that have taken him to the place he is nowadays. 

This is what happens when you do something because you actually love it. Photography is his passion and he enjoys spending hours taking pictures of different agency models and his own son, so he can retouch them lately and get amazing results. But there is someone he would love to take photos of: Elon Musk

But he loves to keep learning, especially in different fields such as lens optics or taking pictures of the human body and its beauty.

Mithun Mitra @Mithun1316

Mithun found his passion in a very special way: crafting love postcards to his girlfriends when he was a teen. But it was during his work as an illustrator in an agency that he discovered his place between posters, portrait illustrations or editorials. In Mithun’s own words, his style is characterized by being simple but full of color, a style that he does not stop exploring around minimalism and that is why he moves away from defining himself with one word.

He loves to take inspiration from almost anywhere and learn for himself new techniques and ways to explore his creativity. Having a blast mixing colors, scenes, and illustration with clean, minimal 3D. But to ensure the success of his resources, he does not hesitate to navigate between Freepik keywords and networks like Behance or Instagram in search of what people demand.

His pending subjects are to continue improving in 3D and explore a new world that he loves, such as photography. Being from Bangladesh, a small but beautiful Paris in South Asia, and living on the tropical coast, makes him spend part of his free time clearing his mind with gardening, from which he also takes inspiration. In addition to drawing and listening to classical music.

Mithun wants to dedicate a few words to all those who are thinking of entering the world of stock photography: go ahead. And it is that according to him, working from home in what you like the most and being able to spend time with your family thanks to platforms like Freepik, is everything he expected in life.

Thank you to our Top Contributors for your time, words, and such wonderful work. Don’t forget that you can be the next one, see you in June!