Top Contributor 2022

It’s time to look forward. To set new goals for this coming year and decide what we want to change to be the best version of ourselves one more time.
But we should also stop for a moment to look back and see what we have done well, to value every effort and every moment, no matter how small, in which we have surpassed ourselves.

That’s why we are here today for. Highlighting the value of the top contributors of the year, who have managed to sneak into the designs of thousands of people thanks to their work, talent, and constant effort.

It has been a fantastic year, with many changes, full of trends that look towards a different future but also towards a nostalgic past that we don’t want to let go of (you can discover what’s coming in 2023 here). Thanks to all your designs, we have managed to be closer to what is happening in every part of the world and create a community without barriers led by creativity and talent. Thank you very much!

Photo: Benzoix

Photographers like Benzoix make having a fantastic photo set on our computer possible. Backgrounds with textures and decorations, some even remind us of television or advertising sets with all the details taken care of to the millimeter. All with the most modern colors, textures, and trends adapted to each asset, making deciding which one to choose very complicatedly. A little bit of everything, please!

In addition, he has also done a great job with models this year, integrating them into the environments we talked about and getting simple, natural, and unique sessions.

3d rendering of black background and product podium stand studio.
Swirls of marble or the ripples of agate. Liquid marble texture with pink colors. Abstract painting background for wallpapers, posters, cards, invitations, websites. Fluid art.

Mockups: Mithun1316

Most famous days are repeated year after year, also with them the needs of campaigns and the designs that we will need to face them. That’s why the ones that stand out the most are the ones that are renewed year after year, the most different ones that catch our attention among the rest and trigger the creativity of each piece: the ones from Mithun1316.

By looking at their portfolio, you can see what we are talking about. Each of his assets is unique, and we can assure you that we have never seen anything like it. What’s more, we feel like going through each page to enjoy the quality of work with so much care and level.

Glass morphism mockup with transparent glass plate frosted acrylic
Podium Stage pedestal product display on white background 3d rendering

PSD: Vectonauta

If there is something, we look for when downloading a PSD to capture some of our latest designs is naturalness and credibility. And it is precisely what we can highlight Vectonauta, an author who takes care of each asset with the same or more detail than the previous one, getting the most realistic results in terms of color, textures, perspectives, and sizes.

A portfolio to save in favorites and rescue every time we need it because we are sure that we will find what we are looking for; in addition, we assure you that it will add even more quality to all your work.

Book Cover Mockup
A4 Magazine Mockup

Templates: user2415731

A template is much more than an asset to change the copy; this contributor knows it. Original typographies, 3d icons, textures… everything to make any campaign stand out from the rest, and we have no choice but to look at it.

In addition, beyond the traditional events of the year, we can find original ideas and attractive themes that can serve as inspiration in a moment of creative blockage; being his portfolio a great place to feed the ideas and start creating.

Vectors: Upklyak

It is difficult to highlight something specific from Upklyak’s profile, not for lack of reasons, but on the contrary. Although if we had to use a single word, it would be creativity.

Accompanied by a talent that escapes our knowledge, this contributor is one of the most recognized this year within Freepik and no wonder.

With images so elaborate that we could not confirm at first glance whether they are vectors or photographs, illustrations with which we would fill the walls of our house, and works from which we would print an entire closet of sweatshirts and T-shirts to wear every day.

Teenager boy bedroom night interior, gamer, programmer, hacker or trader room with multiple computer monitors at work desk, unmade bed, 3d printer on shelf, placard on wall cartoon vector illustration
Air balloons flying at night starry sky with full moon and clouds over lake with rocks and conifers trees. Aerial flight travel, midnight scenery landscape, Cartoon vector illustration, background

Congratulations to all of you for this year in which you have helped us to bring graphic design closer to everyone and to provide quality to the more professional creative world. If we had to toast to only one thing on this last day of 2022, it would be to continue sharing many more years and moments.

So here’s to you; a toast for the most fabulous 2023!