The fonts that will take your designs to the top

Typography is an essential element of graphic design. The fonts you choose can make the difference between a great design and one that can go completely unnoticed. In 2023, some of the trends we were already seeing continue, while new ones are also added to the list. Today, we will focus on three specific typographic trends: bold brush fonts, vintage serif fonts, and comic-inspired colored fonts.

Bold Brush Fonts

Brush fonts have gained popularity in recent years, and this trend continues in 2023. Bold brush fonts have a thick, hand-drawn look, making them perfect for designs that need to convey a sense of energy, movement, or joy. They are versatile and can be used in a wide range of design projects, such as branding, packaging, and advertising.

One of the main advantages of these fonts is that they bring personality and authenticity to designs. They have an organic, hand-drawn look that can make your designs seem more human and less corporate.

Some of the best bold brush fonts for 2023 are Caveat Brush, Permanent Marker, and Just Another Hand

Vintage Serif Fonts

These are composed of classic design elements that have been used for centuries. However, this year we see them back in fashion. Vintage serif fonts are characterized by their ornate and embellished motifs, which give them a sense of elegance and sophistication. They are often used for luxury branding, invitations, and editorial designs.

But just because they are fonts with an old-fashioned look doesn’t mean they cannot be used in new and interesting ways. For example, they can be combined with more modern design elements to create a sense of contrast and visual interest.

Some of the most popular fonts are DM Serif Display, Ultra, and BioRhyme.

Comic-Inspired Colored Fonts

A round of applause for the most fun trend that continues with us this year. These fonts are characterized by their bright and vibrant colors, and their extravagant and caricature-like letter shapes. They are often used in children’s books, packaging, and advertising campaigns.

One of their main advantages is that they can help your designs stand out from the crowd and be impossible to ignore. They are eye-catching and capture the attention of anyone who sees them, making them perfect for designs that need to attract attention, be remembered, and get people talking.

Some of the most popular ones are Modak, Shrikhand and Chicle.

Typography is an essential part of graphic design, and keeping up with the latest typographic trends is key to creating successful designs. Whether you’re working on a branding project, packaging design, or advertising campaign, there is a typographic trend waiting to help you achieve your goals.