Thai Ambassador Visits Our Headquarters in Malaga

Last week we had a special guest: Ambassador and photographer Prakasit Khuansuwan visited us in Málaga! Together with his partner, they came from Thailand to visit our offices. During their stay, they explored the city, visited our headquarters, and met some members of Freepik Company’s team.

Prakasit visit to Malaga

First Freepik’s Ambassador

Prakasit is a talented and passionate photographer that decided to join the stock world and became a Freepik’s contributor. He’s been contributing to the company with his photos for some time. And he was the first ambassador of the company! Months ago, we sat down with him, and he shared with us some of his motivations and how he started this adventure. You can read the interview to get to know more about him.

Thai Ambassador in headquarters

Meetings, City Tours and Food

As our Ambassador in Thailand, he provides support and assistance to the contributors’ community in his country. You can find out more about what he does as an ambassador on his Facebook page Freepik Contributor ThailandHe has also organized some meetings for designers and photographers aimed at offering more information about Freepik and our contributors’ program.   

During his stay in Spain, he met some members of our team. They had the chance to exchange perspectives and seek new ways to improve the submission process for both our team and contributors. They also explored the possibility of new forms of collaboration in the Asian marketplace. We could discuss different issues of interest, and we think it all went quite well!

However, work isn’t everything! They also had time to enjoy Spain and our city. Visits to museums and gastronomic tours were also highlights of this trip (he missed Thai food, though). 

Thai Ambassador headquarters

Towards a Bigger Universe

It was a huge opportunity for us to get to know first hand what needs our contributors have. Similarly, we could also give some feedback and guidelines to them to create a quality platform for all users around the world. 

Reaching contributors and hearing from them is really important. We need their feedback to keep growing and expanding. At Freepik Company, we really appreciate Prakasit’s visit. We had a lot of fun! 

Thai Ambassador visit

Freepik Company’s Ambassadors program has been created to find talented designers and photographers around the world. To achieve that, we need the help of our Ambassadors, committed, and enthusiastic people that really believe in our universe and want to feel part of our expansion. This program makes it possible for us to meet our contributors and ambassadors and plan great things together. 

Freepik Company is formed by creative and inspiring people who make our universe so amazing. Do you want to be part of our community? Join us!

Freepik Contributor