Stockeros visits Freepik!

When it comes to stock photography, there are two names that comes to anyone’s mind: Carles Navarro and Kike Arnaiz. Two of the three founding partners of Stockeros, one of the greatest stock photography training platforms in the world and with whom you already know that we have launched a big collaboration: 50 grants so you can learn how to turn this profession into your way of life.

Well, it turns out that the union between Freepik and Stockeros has become much more than that. On May 27, Carles and Kike added a stop to the route that has them traveling around the world feeding their portfolio and they landed in our city to come and see our workplace.

Here they also visited our photography studio and retouching room, where they chatted with part of the team to learn how we work and organize our processes to create the highest quality content.

In addition, they had a meeting with Joaquín Cuenca and Alejandro Sánchez, with whom they strengthened the opinion of the importance of creating this type of synergy in order to reach Spanish-speaking photographers and promote this community by making it grow.

You can see the whole visit here!