How to Create Stock Content that Promotes Diversity

We live in a diverse world, and it’s inhabited by people from different places, cultures, traditions, and tastes. Even the way we look is different. And that’s wonderful.

As users, we acknowledge this diversity and expect it to be mirrored in the products and visual resources we consume. According to a study by Google & the Female Quotient, people are more likely to take action after seeing a marketing campaign that they consider to be inclusive or diverse. These expectations towards diversity also spread to many other sectors.

Microstock platforms should take an active role in the matter and offer users content representing their differences and individualities. At Freepik, we’re committed to diversity and work hard to create content that resonates with them every day. 

As a contributor, you have the power to show the world through your images. Here are some ideas for creating stock designs and photos that promote diversity and engage users. 

Go local

Localized content is essential to show specific realities. It applies to culture, traditions, typical food, clothing, architecture, etc. Think of your country or community: what’s the most popular dish? Which ritual or ceremony is mostly practiced?

Use your designs and photos to tell us about the most important celebrations in your community. For instance, December is famous primarily because of Christmas, but not everyone else celebrates it the same way, or at all. Millions celebrate Hanukkah, while others celebrate Orthodox Christmas in January, like people in Russia.

vector design of happy hanukkah with candles and traditional food
banner in yellow color palette with woman celebrating day of silence in bali
photo of black man wearing traditional white dress and hat
Image by user11248777

Ethnicity & race

People live in different places, look unalike, and have developed into a different culture. To put it in another way, we’re diverse. Quality stock content should accurately reflect this reality. 

Create and upload photos and designs representing different ethnicities: middle eastern, Hispanic, black, Asian, Indian, mixed, etc. Ensure that your representation is true and avoid stereotypes.  

Photo that promotes diversity. Black woman hagging friend in family gathering
Image by seventyfour
vector arab nurse bringing food to elderly woman
Image by prostockstudio

PSD of a black hand holding a light bulb in 3D style

Gender & age

Users are looking for visual narratives that escape from traditional roles. Stock platforms play an important role in breaking down gender & age stereotypes. Create content that shows gender & age variety in different roles. Just a few examples: middle-aged women in a business meeting, men taking care of the elderly, or transgender people going for a walk with their kids. 

vector art of two girls kissing
photo of man with beautiful makeup and friends laughing outdoors
Image by disobeyart
photo of senior couple enjoying a walk at the beach
Image by

Family diversity

Nowadays, there are many family types: single-parent, two dads, two moms, members of different ethnicities and ages−even pets are beloved members! Create and upload content depicting multiple family relationships.

photo of happy black pregnant woman and son
Image by disobeyart
photo of muslim happy family doing laundry together at home
Image by odua

Leisure activities

There’re milliards of ways of having fun: sports, games, dinner with friends… If you’re creating visuals that show leisure activities, focusing on diversity is the best way to go. 

Think out of the box when designing or taking photos of sports, games, or other fun activities. While soccer is one of the most popular sports globally, it’s not the only one. There are thousands of sports and games played by many people, both men and women of all ages and different ethnicities.

Image by user7003113
Image by wavebreakmedia-micro

Whether your expertise is photography, graphic design, illustration, or PSD designs, create content that promotes diversity and engages users to interact with it. Let’s embrace differences!

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