Stickers, a New Way to Monetize Your Designs

Stickers have taken center stage in our social media conversations. They are fun, convey an elaborated message, and- let’s be honest -are a real life-saver when we don’t know what to say. Flaticon has joined the conversation as well, presenting a new way to monetize your designs.

Contributors can now create and upload stickers to Flaticon and benefit from the downloads.

Keep reading to learn how to make money by uploading your stickers designs to Flaticon.

Stickers: how to upload them?

If you’re thinking about finding your way into the sticker world, the first thing you have to do is registering as a Flaticon contributor.

For those new to Flaticon ➡️ Flaticon is part of Freepik Company and one of the leading databases of free icons. The uploading process is similar to Freepik’s.

Once you register as a Flaticon contributor, you can start uploading your stickers.

Wait. Are they icons?As a matter of fact, stickers look similar to icons, their function might be related, but they are conceptually different. Stickers are more elaborated designs, that allow the designers to include more elements (such as lettering, emotions, details, etc.), and are usually more playful than icons.

Upload requirements:

✅ Stickers, as well as icons, are uploaded in a pack (minimum 20 stickers).

✅ Stickers must be uploaded in .svg format

✅ Make sure all stickers within a pack share the same concept.

✅ You can also send your stickers to Freepik. In this case, you must group them in a set (four or five stickers) and work with .eps format.

You’ll find more information on our support page and the contributor panel.

Basics about Stickers design

One sure thing about stickers is that it’s really fun to create them. Choose your favorite concept and create playful designs with fun characters and colorful compositions.

Another common feature of stickers is the white space between the design and the sticker border.

When designing stickers, you can choose from different styles. Here are some of the most common stickers styles at Flaticon so you can explore and get inspiration:

Don’t get out of the conversation and benefit from your stickers designs. Besides, it’s a great way to make money while having fun.

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