Spring holidays: Easter

Easter dates change over the years, but their importance remains the same.
Easter is the most spiritual moment in the calendar of the Christian community, celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in a million different ways throughout the world.

Do you want to discover some of the most important and curious ways to live it that we can enjoy on these dates? Stay if you want to take a look and get inspiration for your next designs.

Easter eggs

Of course, there is no reference to Easter eggs in the Bible, but it is one of the most recognized traditions in the world and one of the most aesthetic. Do you already know where it comes from?
They are a representation of life and fertility. During Lent, eating eggs or dairy products was forbidden (and many still respect it). For this reason, the faithful gathered in places of worship. They brought eggs decorated with flowers and bright colors to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday when that period ended.

This tradition has become one of the favorites of the youngest kids in each house. When the time comes, the children begin a fun search to discover the sweet eggs hidden in every corner of the house and leave none undevoured.

And this brings us to another modern tradition that is well-established in everyone’s imagination: the Easter bunny. This character is in charge of hiding the eggs of the little ones in all corners and has already become the most loved and expected figure.


But Easter is solemn and devoted, with some of the best-known symbols.

For example, the cross. Did you know that before it began to be used to recognize Christians, the official symbol was a fish? This was drawn in the houses of people who belonged to this religion to identify themselves as believers. Until the cross arrived, which is not a protective element as is sometimes believed, but rather a symbol of faith and love that reminds us of how Jesus Christ died for his entire community.

Another recognized symbol is the crown of thorns, which was initially conceived as a mockery. A representation of the pain that Jesus Christ should suffer in front of everyone. However, those who condemned it forgot that, even with thorns, that object was still a crown worn by the king of all Christians.

Everyone who has ever attended mass will recognize the last symbol we will discover today: bread and wine. These were the protagonists Jesus Christ chose to share with his disciples on his last night.

Now you have a ton of information to start planning your Easter assets, but there are still many more traditions to discover. Can you tell us yours?