Photo rejection: ethical reasons

It is essential to be clear about what and what we cannot do before even preparing for a photo shoot so that we don’t spend a lot of effort in vain. That is why today we are going to explain one of the most frequent reasons for rejection and how to avoid it.

We are talking about rejection for ethical reasons. Ethic is a very ambiguous word, and it may not be clear what it means to each of us. So today, we are going to explain what it is for Freepik and what are the ethical limits that we cannot exceed.


  • Images or messages that contain or encourage inappropriate behavior or that may offend or affect the sensitivity of our users.
  • Our team will not accept assets that are politically offensive or that could be used for malicious purposes. Graffitis which are positioned in favor of racism or incites it are a great example of what you should not upload.

    Picture by Doidam10
  • We encourage freedom of expression as long as it respects everyone’s thoughts. For this reason, religious content that criticizes other people’s beliefs or uses satire to mock other ways of thinking will be rejected.
  • Images that promote the implicit use of drugs of any kind will not be accepted either. We can show a group of friends having a good time with a few drinks in hand, being able to intuit the consumption of alcohol, but not clearly showing some type of drug and its effects. Much less reflecting them as positive.

    Picture by Rawpixel-com
  • Implied violence is prohibited. We accept images in which a violent context is intuited as long as it has a background other than inciting violence itself. In other words, we will accept an image that takes place in a war environment as long as it is for informational purposes, it is not positioned by any of the parties and does not directly show injuries, weapons in use, or damage in general.

    Picture by Liuzishan
  • In cases where the images take place in a hospital or any medical environment, we will accept those photographs in which the injuries are not explicit.
  • Images that are sexually explicit, contain nudity or objectify, and show clear sexual intent will also not be accepted. We establish a clear line between artistic sensuality and explicit sexuality that cannot be crossed. In this way, those images with an erotic tone will be accepted, but not those that cross the barrier of what is sexually obscene or with a clear intention.

    Picture by Gpointstudio
  • All those that sexualize any job or sector will also be rejected.

Now that you already know what ethical rejection means, it’s time to create! But if you want to know more, click here.