#NoWar How can we help?

Freepik is a window to the world. A place where people, traditions, colours and religions meet. A place where minds are open to things that we didn´t know before and that we have the chance to discover thanks to creators from around the world.

And contributors are those creators. Thanks to you we all have the perfect tools for communicating in every moment. Because communicating is our goal. Designing, painting and taking pictures of those things that people need in order to tell a story.

But stories change. The world changes. And this window needs to keep open so everyone can see what is going on and telling us how they feel about it.

And it’s specifically in war times when we need to work together to keep conveying what is happening and giving people all the archives they need so they can communicate thanks to them. This is why today we have a message: as creators we have a huge power in such hard times, the power of giving voice to those people thanks to our designs.

Design by Starline

So we have created a list with some of the most searched keywords in need of archives. Thereby we can all create that content together so nobody finds a blank page in those days when expressing ourselves is so necessary.

  • Russia Ukraine war/ Ukraine Russia conflict/ Russia Ukraine conflict/ Russia conflict: There are lots of companies who need stock images to show what is happening. So we ask for real pictures of the situation.
  • Ukraine conflict/ Ukraine war/ Russia Ukraine: Sadly, those images are updated everyday. This is why we need pictures of the cities, military transport or people (remember not to show their identity).
  • Ukraine army: We are talking about military scenes here. Foregrounds and wide shots of soldiers (non identified and avoiding flags and military insignias), and military vehicles.
  • Black sea: This keyword has increased its searches from the moment the war began. So we are trying to reach our bulgarian contributors in order to cover this need.

We would also like to speak directly to our russian contributors asking for archives about russian soldier and russian ruble. Two keywords that are being keyed those days more than ever. Help us covering those searches so nobody misses a resource in such important times.

From Freepik we hope this situations ends soon. But meanwhile, let’s keep working and helping the best way we know: creating.