New tool: Trendy keywords.

Trendy keywords or how to boost your downloads.

Of all the questions that arise when faced with the creative process, there’s one that takes the prize for the most dreaded: What shall I create?

And the fact is that behind this little question lie many doubts: what to create, what users like, what they need, what they are looking for… However, absolutely all these questions can be answered with a very simple formula.

Trendy keywords.

A new feature of our dashboard thanks to which you can easily increase the reach of your pieces from minute 0 when you join Freepik Contributor.

How does it work?

Users make a specific unsuccessful search, we tell you what they have searched for and what they need, and you meet that need, improving the efficiency of your work. Sounds easy and useful? It is. But just in case you’ve got any doubts, we’ll tell you all about it in detail.

Why is it so useful?

Because it’s going to save you lots and lots of time.

The most searched for keywords or terms tell us what content is important to the user but isn’t covered at that moment by the resources available on the site. Therefore, knowing what they are, you can get inspired and create with the certainty that your work will be downloaded because it covers a need and isn’t competing with too much supply.

Where is it and how to use it?

It’s just a click away! It’s as simple as logging in to your contributor account and, in the left panel, click on “most searched for terms”. At that moment, you will see a panel that will become your best friend in your work.

In it you will find four columns indicating:

  • Theme: This is the word with which the term we are referring to is most searched.
  • Format: Which formats are the most in demand according to theme.
  • Recommended keywords: These are words related to the theme in question. (Tip! Include them in your tags if they are related to facilitate the search and increase downloads.)
  • Demand: Ranks as high or very high for each word.

What happens when searches for a keyword are covered?

We are talking about a real-time functionality, so when we detect that any of the words is no longer a potential keyword, we will replace it with a new one so that you always have a tool to guide your work efficiently.

And now that you know how to use the most searched terms you can go to your Contributor panel, choose your favorite, and start creating!