File uploading just got easier with Upload, our new section

We’re always looking for new ways to improve and make your experience as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve simplified and centralized all actions related to the assets upload process under a new section that will make things easier for you.

Let’s take a closer look.

Introducing Upload, our new centralized section

Formerly known as Not Yet Submitted and Edit Metadata, this section now allows you to check the status of every file you’re uploading. This allows for a more effective management of the processing status of your assets.

You will find the Upload section under the Files section in your Contributor’s Dashboard Navigation Menu.



Files upload made simpler

We’ve reduced the number of steps necessary to upload your files to Freepik. In the Upload section, you will be able to review, edit, and send them for revision.

Within this section, you will always know the next step to successfully submit your assets for review. Any issue (missing preview image, titles too short or too long) will also be displayed here so you can finish your upload in no time.

Once all your content is ready, you can send it for revision by choosing Select All or Ready and clicking the Submit button in the menu.

Upload your files via FTP

If you usually upload your assets via FTP, we’ve also made things easier. Similar to the web upload process, you can also review, edit, and send for review any file from the Upload section.

Any file that doesn’t meet the required criteria will be displayed in a list, making it simple for you to review.

So, what’s the upload process going to look like now?

  • Upload your file to the panel as usual
  • Go to the Upload section
  • Edit and make any necessary corrections
  • Send to revision

We are sure these improvements will make the Freepik experience more satisfying and easy to follow. Want to try them?

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