New Photography Challenges!

We all feel safe working with our own style, that one that has been so hard to find. But, what happens if we try to think outside the box? We are very glad to announce the launch of…

The Freepik Photography Challenge!

In each of them, we will give you a topic that you will have to represent in your pictures with your own style.

And nothing seemed better to us than starting with a topic as broad as its name suggests: diversity.

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Participating is as easy as uploading your resources and tag them with #fpchallengediversity and #diversity. The winner will be the one that gets the most “likes”, so remember to share the link in your social media. But if you want to know more about how to participate, you can check this link.

Some inspiration

What is diversity? Everything that is different to what is wrongly accepted as normal.

  • Represent different ethnic groups.
  • Different sexual orientations.
  • Give voice to people with disabilities.
  • Include people of all ages.

We have prepared this collection so you can get some ideas about diversity.

You can check all the photos in this link, the ones that you upload and also the pictures of the rest of contestants. The votes will be valid from may 23rd to june 19th.

Because this challenge is not only about testing your abilities, but giving voice to many diverse collectives that surprise us everyday. We want all of them to feel represented in our resources. Join the challenge now!