Model Property Release

Behind all the work that goes on in a place like Freepik, where models, photographers, designers, brands and users exchange assets daily, there are several legal issues to consider. As always, making things easier for our contributors is one of our main goals, so today, we want to announce the launch of something that will save time, surprises, and more than one headache: the launch of the  Model/Property Release.

What is the Model/Property Release?

It is a document that facilitates the work of contributors who, in the future, ensure they can disregard any legal problem of transfer of rights in the images they upload to Freepik.

Through this, we manage to protect the model, the photographer, and the distributor at the same time.

This document must be attached to those photographs in which it is possible to recognize any person or property. For example, the model we use in our photo shoots or a privately owned building.

If this document was already mandatory, what changes?

Well, now they will all be collected in the same place, facilitating access to them and ordering the files within each collaborator panel.

The authorizations section is a tool to have all the files localized and at your fingertips at any time.

But let’s get down to business…

What benefits do I get from using the Model/Property Release and the new section?

  • First of all, it helps to professionalize your work.
  • It mechanizes and automates a process that you will have to carry out as many times as sessions with models or private property you have (probably many).
  • Give security to all the models you work with.
  • If any of them is unhappy with a future work in which they see their image used, the contract exempts you from any blame since, from the signing of the contract, the use of that photograph is free.
  • Live with the peace of mind that the image rights of each photograph you upload will never be a problem.
  • That’s why, with the new section, you will enjoy the organization and ease of having all the files in one place to access them whenever you need them.

Who must sign the Model/Property Release?

Both models over 18 years old and minors must sign the authorization.

In the latter case, it must also be signed by their parents or legal guardians.

The legal owners must add their signatures for those sessions working with privately owned buildings.

You can visit our FAQ below to find all the information that must be included in the authorization.

How to add a Model/Property Release to my content.

You can add a file (no larger than 20MB) from the panel and attach it to new photos or those already uploaded to your portfolio.

Check the FAQ here and here.

This is the process you need to follow.

And thanks to the Model/Property Release, you can focus on enjoying your sessions and sharing your work with the assurance that everything is under control.