Interview: Negoo Silva, our Brazilian Ambassador.

If there is anyone that enjoys the contributor work as no one else, that is Negoo-s. He is our ambassador from Brazil, and is one of our most enthusiastic contributors. His energy and work turns him into a role model for all of us and you who are thinking about joining us in such a great adventure. 

Want to know more about him? Keep reading!

  • Could you define your style in just three words?

Manipulation, Creativity and Objectivity.

  • What do you enjoy the most about your work?

I really like to see the final result, sometimes not so much for the composition performed, but for the satisfaction of my customers, seeing them achieve the goals set, strategies, and everything else. I love what I do, I’ve been in the business for almost 15 years, learning trends daily, and especially the tastes of customers.

  • How would you describe a perfect working day?

This one is easy, a perfect day is when I don’t have any creative blocks, I put my headphones on, and everything flows correctly. Finished pieces, compliments at the end of every job done… this is a perfect day.

  • Which country do you admire in terms of design?

I really like the Asian style as a whole, details, features, it’s all very beautiful.

  • If you had to work from another country, which would it be?

Spain, I’m waiting for a contract from you to visit the headquarters, and join the team. Jokes aside, but I really want to one day migrate to another country, Spain/USA are the ones that attract me the most. 

  • Which book, movie and song have left the biggest mark on you?

Well, I’m not much for reading books, I’m more visual but in my childhood and youth if I were to point out books that encouraged me to become a designer, it would be Japanese manga and comics. I can quote a documentary I saw a little while ago that was very interesting, “Abstract: The Art of Design”. About music I’m very eclectic, I listen to everything, international pop/rock, and some songs from my country.

  • What do you do to inspire yourself?

I spend some time on the Internet, mainly on Behance and Pinterest, watch some videos, and listen to some music. But inspiration comes from everywhere, even in traffic I see something that gives me ideas.

  • How do you organize your calendar?

 I’m still old-school, I admit, I use a lot of paper, I go around sketching various notebooks.

  • What project are you working on right now?

I’m already organizing myself for advertising campaigns for children’s days here in Brazil, I already have some sketches.

Thank you Negoo-s for such an interesting interview, dying to see those children’s day campaigns!