Interview: Luis Molinero

Although creativity is trained, there are people who come to the world with an innate talent for art. This is the case of Luis Molinero, one of our most beloved contributors whose photographs have been reaping success since he began a career in Freepik. He has known the art world since he was a kid. Take a look at what he believes creativity is about.

Have you always considered yourself a creative person?

I think so. My grandfather was a painter and from there I took a bit of the artistic and creative part. When I was little and I stayed at his house, he always taught me how to draw and knowledge about perspective, drawing from life, first steps with oil… I began to be fascinated by the world of art in general and I began my art bachelor’s degree and later a career in fine arts.

How did you realize your sensitivity to photography?

At the University of Fine Arts, the Photography subject was optional, it had already caught my attention although I had never gone deeper into it. It was a very nice time making our own pinhole cameras, developing in a dark room…
That’s when I realized that maybe I wasn’t bad at it. I took my first steps with an Olympus OM-2 that my father had and at the end of the course he gave me my first reflex for my birthday. Painting helped me a lot in photography in terms of visuals.

Which were your first steps?

My father has always liked photography and there was always a camera at home. Already in school, I remember that he was the only one in my class who went with a film camera on excursions. It could be said that they were the first times that he photographed something. In my adolescence, my father bought the first compact camera for the family, and he used it for almost everything, but nothing professional. It would be later in my degree when I started with the first more serious projects.

What do you think of mobile photography?

As a quick and easy resource it is great, always at hand, and with many possibilities. But for artistic projects, I don’t think it is ideal. I always buy a mobile phone with the best camera and it will never come close to a good professional camera. No matter how comfortable the mobile is, I always go on a trip with my camera on my shoulders.

Where do you think the future of photography is headed?

Photography is becoming more popular and with easier and more affordable access, so photographers are on the increase, but that is good since it allows us to nurture ourselves more from others and strive to fight for our place. What scares me the most professionally is the DALL-E 2 application and similars, with its ability to create images based on keywords. It is still in the first steps but I think that in the long term it will be a controversial tool, especially in the field of graphic design.

If you could only photograph one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Undoubtedly portraits, it is always what I have liked the most by far.

And on the other hand, something that would be hard for you to photograph?

Well…. I wouldn’t know what to say, everything has its point. Maybe animals, see that I like them a lot but I find it very difficult to photograph a subject in motion that you can’t tell how to pose or to stay still hehe.

Do you have a personal project in hand?

Yes, but it is not a photographic project. I am preparing a painting exhibition. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time.

Could you recommend a movie?

Spirited Away, is possibly my favorite movie.

If you still want to know more about Luis you can take a walk through his profile and see for yourself the results of a life full of creativity.