An Interview with Freepik’s Contributor Orchidart

We’re a big fan of watercolor designs as they can be used for many purposes and add a unique touch to your portfolio. At Freepik, we offer you a wide range of watercolor resources which have been carefully created for your special occasions. Today, we have the chance to chat with Freepik’s Contributor Diyah Fediawati, a graphic designer who shares with us her watercolor illustrations. In her Freepik’s profile, orchidart, you can have a look at her creations, where flowers and unicorns play the leading role. In this interview, Diyah tells us about her career as a designer, what inspires her and the benefits of sharing her artwork on Freepik.

I feel absolutely free to work here and I can draw whatever I want to. No matter where you are, as long as you have good ideas and make them work.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from? Do you have any hobbies?

Hi, my name is Diyah Fediawati. I’m a graphic designer who lives in a remote village in Trenggalek, Indonesia. Besides painting, I have no other hobbies. I do other activities, though, as a wife and mother of a 3-year-old son.

magical unicorn invitation watercolor

What made you initially want to become a designer?

I have been drawing since I was a child and it soon became my main hobby. My interest in graphic design began when I got a scholarship as a graphic designer for a national newspaper, where I was trained in layouts and graphics. After this 5-month scholarship, I got a work placement in the newspaper, where I worked for three years and had the chance to learn about photo editing, layout, and graphics. However, I decided to resign and started my career as a freelance. Since then, I have been doing business independently as a graphic designer. In the beginning, I started working with pencil caricatures before knowing how to create digital designs. Then, I dived in the digital world and started sharing my illustrations with my friends and advertising my work on social media.

How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration and ideas for new designs?

Well, although I work with other types of designs, my creative work is currently focused on the watercolor style, which I use in different resources: invitation patterns, backgrounds, frames, and templates. Regarding the second question, I usually get inspiration at home. I live in the countryside, so I am surrounded by nature and beautiful plants. When I need new ideas, I just look around me and let myself savor the different types of flowers that bloom in each season. I believe this is the most effective way to find inspiration.

watercolor floral wedding invitation

What pieces of work are you most proud of and why?

I must confess I don’t have a “favorite” design because I create new works every day and I try to do my best each time. I just take my brush, start painting and, after finishing it, I always get that lovely feeling of having achieved something new; it’s like every work was a masterpiece for me. And that artwork is my favorite until the next day when I start over and create another masterpiece.

Has your work evolved since your first started designing and how?

Of course it has! I started my career as a pencil artist a few years ago, and now I work with vector illustrations. However, I still need to create manual sketches first, and then, convert them to digital files to add the final touches as a vector illustration.

What tips would you give to budding designers?

I think it’s essential to learn to draw sketches first. It may take a lot of time, perhaps 1 or 2 years, but I think this step is worthy and necessary. Once you master the sketch technique, the next step is to find the style you feel more comfortable with. When you are ready, you can start working on your digital creations and initiate in the microstock sector.

seamless pattern rose watercolor contributor

Why did you want to work with microstock agencies?

Why? Well, because I feel absolutely free to work here and I can draw whatever I want to. No matter where you are, as long as you have good ideas and make them work. Once, I created some illustrations of desserts while sitting down in the kitchen, and they have proved to be quite successful! The best part is that I can earn a monthly invoice without having to leave my son. It’s just great.

What made you want to become a contributor at Freepik? What are the benefits of uploading your work?

Freepik has become one of the most important microstock platforms in the market. In fact, Freepik has higher traffic compared to other microstock agencies, which also benefits me as a designer. The more popular it is, the higher the income I can earn.

wedding invitation watercolor flowers

What advice do you have for designers who want to become contributors on Freepik?

I think they should focus on designs with similar styles so that customers can easily find their product. Another possibility is to follow seasonal trends but, in this case, they must keep up-to-date to stay competitive in the market. The most important advice, though, is to upload content regularly and create quality work.

Why would you recommend using Freepik and how has it benefited your work?

Yes definitely! Freepik is one of the largest microstock agencies nowadays and the best place to sell my designs, especially my watercolor illustrations!


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