How to upload AI-generated content on Freepik Contributor

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Every day we wake up to new advances and news that show us this is a reality.

However, far from being an enemy that “will steal us our job”, it is a help to streamline processes. A tool to teach how we think so it can help us creating and improving our creativity. The human factor is and will continue to be essential, that’s why we must see AI as Adobe Photoshop, MovieMaker, or any other tool with which we help ourselves to create and improve our content.

More and more people are becoming more and more familiar with AI, and looking for content that AI has have something to do with. That’s why today we’re going to talk about something essential: tagging our assets.

Fantasy of neon forest glowing colorful like fairytale. (Created with Generative AI technology).

How to tag our assets?

It couldn’t be easier. You just have to mark that the asset you are uploading is created with artificial intelligence through the new check we have enabled. It looks like this in your dashboard, and all you have to do is click on it to select the correct option.

Once you select that it is AI-generated content, the following ai_generated tag is automatically generated. We recommend that once you have checked this option you individually check that the tag has been added correctly so that we can process your files.

It takes you 10 seconds and is essential so that users who search ai content can easily find you.

Why tag them?

Because there is more and more ai content demand, and positioning your assets is essential. Starting now to tag each resource correctly will ensure that, in the near future when searching for AI assets will be the daily routine of most users, yours will be there ready to be found and downloaded.

And as you know, the more assets a user finds from the same author on a particular topic, the higher your credibility on that topic is directly proportional to the time you have spent creating based on it.

Now that you know how to tag and you are clear about the benefits, it’s time to start playing with AI and make it your own. We are waiting for you!