How to be a photographer in 2023

2023 is going fast! And we can say it is being a roller coaster in terms of trends. We clearly can see how the importance of AI in our lives is undeniable. Whatever our field is, it is here to stay.

But that is the reason why there are currents that counteract it and make us remain attached to our most human roots or do not forget the needs of the planet that have had so much prominence in recent years and we should not forget.

Today we take a walk through these trends that are nothing more than inspiration. Remember that the important thing is to adapt them to your own style and always remember who you are and what your personal brand is. Let’s start!

A more humane world

We are tired of perfectionism. There have been many years under the imposition of the ideal and what is supposed to be, but that is over. Now we want to see real bodies, emotions, feelings that we can identify with. Skin marks, natural smiles, colors and human relationships.

This trend not only brings photography closer to people, but also humanizes society. Because we finally start to see them in campaigns of big brands, in big projects or social networks that are the daily life of users and begin to reject the opposite.

Therefore, it is time to show who we are.

The first step is looking for different types of profiles for your sessions. Models are essential, so try to choose people who transmit emotions from the first moment with their look, their smile, or the way they act. Don’t look for poses, look for situations, and you and your camera will take care of capturing everything special that happens in them.

With real scenarios…

All those bodies, those relationships and those gestures, must interact in contexts, and we also expect them to be as close as possible.

The situations and scenes in which we conducted our sessions also tended to be perfect, unreal. Moments that no one could identify with and were therefore difficult to apply.

After years in which we have lost special moments with our loved ones, we want to recover them forever as an indelible photograph.

To achieve this, try to think about the situation rather than what it would look like. In other words, in what moments do you feel represented? Cooking with your partner, watching a movie on a rainy day, a meeting with your nephews and nieces…you look for good actors, and let the acting do the rest.

…that are moving fast on the futuristic and technological side

If there’s one thing that life has shown us in the last year above all, it’s that the future is more present than ever. That’s why this trend that a few years ago would have fallen into the categories of impossible and imaginary worlds, today is seen as something that we even fit into our plans sooner rather than later.

So the goal of this trend is clear: play.

Play with creativity. Imagine what that ideal scenario you would live in would be like. What colors it would have, what shapes, and even what planet it would be located on.

But it doesn’t stop worrying about the planet.

But with every step we take in this area, we run the risk of forgetting what the planet we live on is like.

That’s why merging nature with the most technological side is the last but not the least of these trends.

Especially when it comes to idealizing this more natural part, making reference to the care and how the planet should look like if we really take care of it as it deserves.

These are our favorite trends for this year 2023, don’t miss the next posts to keep getting ideas and create your own resources with what inspires you the most.