How to avoid photo rejection

It’s very important to know some tips about Freepik’s quality standards in order to save time, resources, and frustration before you grab your camera and start shooting. Knowing how to get your photographs accepted and keeping it in mind throughout the process is the best way to create efficiently.

We have divided them into six groups to make them easier to memorize and identify, but remember to save this guide to come back to it whenever you need to and solve all your doubts.


  • The only format accepted in photography will be .jpg. Remember, only applicable to photos, the rest of the resources have their own formats.
  • The image size should be between 200px and 8000px.


  • Cleaning. And we are not only referring to stains. But to everything that can dirty the aesthetics of the photography such as wrinkles in clothes, bad makeup, dirt on dishes or broken furniture and fabrics.

  • The image must fit with current aesthetic standards and trends. In other words, any image that, due to its color, composition or content, leads us to think that it has been taken several years ago will be rejected. From this section we exclude all sessions that are intentionally set in any past era.
  • When it comes to composition, cleanliness is valued again in terms of not cutting elements if this does not contribute to the image, or the blank spaces for texts or brand logos that may need to be used.
  • The focus of the photograph should be clear. An overexposed or too dark photograph in which the elements are not identified will be rejected. Despite this, out of focus photographs that are intended to serve as backgrounds may be accepted.
  • Although opening the shutter to get a moving image is a great way to take incredible photographs, they can only be accepted if they make sense with the content of the picture.
  • Dutch shots create a feeling of discomfort, which is why their use must be limited.


  • All images that are considered plagiarism will be rejected, in addition to taking legal action in clear cases.
  • Duplicate photos from the same author will be marked as already uploaded and will not be reuploaded.
  • No brand can appear.


  • Unless justified (for example, a photo booth image), collage will be avoided.
  • The filters must be justified and not be too obvious.
  • Noise should be avoided unless it is highly justified.


  • Author signatures, names or Freepik logos must be removed from any image for it to be accepted.
  • It is important to take care of spelling and grammar.
  • The chosen fonts should match the style of the photograph as well as its color and composition.


  • Violent content is forbidden. We will only accept subtle images that express an idea, but not those that show weapons or wounds, unless they are shootings in hospitals or operating rooms and as long as the photographs are not explicit.

  • Also regarding the erotic universe, we emphasize the importance of suggesting rather than showing. Any content that shows the sexual act will be rejected, as well as female genitalia or nipples and sexual objectification of some environments, jobs or situations.
  • We are against hate, that is why we are also against all political or religious content that incites it and uses satire to make fun of a specific sector or thought.

Finally, we want to remind you that at Freepik we reward diversity, so if you show different types of people, groups or ways of thinking your content will have much more relevance!